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Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening deal on ‘dreamers’

This sounds pretty much like a Trump deal. Make one small good thing you should do anyway contingent on getting everything else you want, then make the other side struggle to get that one small good thing, so they don't realize how much you've gained in the other direction. Deflection, denial, projection, and lying are the tools of Trump's trade, and Democrats would do well to fight him, to not allow him to dictate nasty repressive terms to get the one small good thing.

Trump has to be getting desperate, he has to know that getting things from the House and Senate may get even harder after 2018, and his flailing attempts to get even Republicans to go along with his "ideas" will eventually convince even brainwashed Trump voters of his incompetence and lack of qualifications to be president. Not even Fox "News" can spin and fake up Trump's failures into "wins"... and Democrats must not hand him a victory for one small good thing, or they're giving him tools to defeat them in the next election. No wins for Trump, no "deals" which even Faust would pass up.

Only this cruel administration would use the lives of children escaping murderous violence and extreme poverty as a bargaining chip in DACA negotiations. "More detention spaces" for children indeed. Label children who truly are unaccompanied on their dangerous and horrific journey to a country that only purports to be welcoming to migrants, as "accompanied." Whisk them back to the brutal conditions they are fleeing. Is America truly such a heartless country? Can Americans not find a place in their wealthy country for a child in desperate need simply because there would be more brown people residing there?
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Originally posted by [ profile] debunkgpolitics at Another Problem with U.S. Immigration Policy
In 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Plyler v. Doe that local school districts could not deny enrollment to children in the United States illegally. The rationale was that not educating illegal immigrant children would deny them a better future. The problems with decision are: more crimes like that at Rockville High School can happen again; more people have an incentive to illegally cross U.S. borders and bring their children; taxpayer dollars are wasted on children who have no business in the schools; plus, there are fewer resources for children who have a business to be in those schools. To an extent, the school districts are at fault by not reporting the illegal aliens to federal authorities. As a result, they are turning their schools into “sanctuaries.” The districts can allow for enrollment. They must comply with the law or face heavy penalties, including a lawsuit that would cost billions in settlements. They must comply with the law or face heavy penalties, including a lawsuit that would cost billions in settlements. But, meanwhile, they can still report the children to federal authorities, who will, hopefully, deport them and their families. Thus, the districts would be complying with Plyler and upholding U.S. immigration law. A legitimate fear of deportation would discourage illegal immigration.
There are two other solutions to this problem. One, the U.S. Supreme Court can reverse itself. Two, Congress can overturn Plyler with an amendment. In fact, if the Republicans in both houses are sincere about helping Pres. Trump reduce illegal immigration, they will consider an amendment to overturn Plyler.
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Rally BEHIND her? I'm all for it!
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10 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Were Refugees

I'd also add Sergei Brin, the Google co-founder; Madeleine Albright, the first US Secretary of State; Nicola Tesla, the genius inventor who contributed so much to the development of modern technology; Joseph Pullitzer - no need of introduction; Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood superstar turned California governor; Nathalie Portman, the hugely talented actress; etc, etc, ETC.

Einstein is probably the most prominent of these. Imagine what the world would've looked like if Einstein was denied asylum in the US and remained in Europe, only to probably end up on a train bound for the gas chambers. No understanding or relativity, no quantum physics, no nothing.

Of course, many of the above names had a skin color that probably matched the standards that the current US administration is trying to impose:

So that may explain a lot. Or not.
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While the world is shutting itself from refugees and migrants and wondering how to curb their inflow or even kick them out, Canada has adopted a different approach: it not only welcomes foreigners, but it does it eagerly.

Right-wing populism, xenophobia, encapsulation - that is how we could briefly describe the dominant dynamics around the world in 2016. Trump won the US election largely on the promise to build That Wall. A slight majority of the Britons decided their country should leave the EU, one of their chief arguments being the need for enhanced border control. Various right-wing parties across Europe are on the rise, aiming to stop the migration influx.

The only exception seems to be Canada. The new liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau won the 2015 election, promising not fewer but more migrants, including from Syria. His conservative rival Stephen Harper used the election campaign to flame up anti-Muslim sentiment - and lost. Now we can see Trudeau personally welcoming Syrian refugees at the airport and hand-shaking with them.

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Originally posted by [ profile] debunkgpolitics at California Continues to Support Illegal Immigrants
The Economist published an article about how California lawmakers intend to retain illegal immigrants, besides allowing “sanctuary cities.” (issue for 12/10-16/20016). According to the article, state lawmakers intend to fund the representation of illegal immigrants at deportation hearings. The upcoming measures will even ban immigration enforcement in public schools, courthouses, and hospitals. Meanwhile, too many legitimate California residents continue to suffer. Children are abused, neglected, and impoverished. Veterans, along with other adults, are homeless and in dire need of medical treatment. Plus, public roads are crumbling. Rather than put on ballots bonds to fund public services that put California in more debt, the money could be spent on supporting those who sacrificed their lives to preserve this great nation and, in turn, California, promoting future generations, and improving other public services. Despite budget cuts for lack of available funds, state lawmakers somehow found money to support violating immigration law. Unfortunately, the focus is on catering to people who have no business in California.
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This is what I meant to post.

Over the last eight years, immigrants seeking to destroy America penetrated U.S. borders. Unlike the immigrants who people claim built this country, they do not want to assimilate into American culture. Another threat is the descendants of immigrants from certain countries. Part of protecting U.S. borders involves banning immigration from countries in which terrorists thrive. Otherwise, Americans will lose cherished liberties, if the United States of America is destroyed.

The only immigrants complaining about deportation and more border controls are those who entered into this country illegally. Legal immigrants have nothing to fear. After coming into this country legally, they received the same rights and protections as other U.S. citizens.

Also, federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities cannot handle the tide of illegal immigration. Many illegal immigrants are discovered after they commit a crime, besides entering the United States illegally. Then, more tax dollars are expended to try the illegal immigrants and detain them in overcrowded prisons or jails.
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Aaand, the promised Change died within the first week...

Wasn't Trump going to clean up Washington of the establishment? Well, guess what. He's about to hire the most "establishment" guys in his cabinet. Gingrich, LOL? Oh, and some idiots like Palin, Giuliani and his kids. This is gonna be fun.

Now about these deportations. Another made-up Trump number. He figures... Ummmm... 2-3 million sounds good.

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While we're about populists, here's the case of Orban's Hungary. He's been trying to assert his "unique" role in Europe for a while (we've talked about this recently here), and now he staged a referendum that he was sure he'd win. The issue was the migration policy that he argued was imposed by Brussels upon the rest of Europe against the will of the people. Although hardly any refugees had entered Hungary at all. But still, he made this into a "thing", and made his countrymen vote on it.

There were jokes before the vote by the anti-Orban circles, saying a Hungarian is more likely to encounter an UFO than an actual refugee. There were calls for boycotting the referendum (a less than 50% turnout would mean the vote would be invalid).

Well, both Orban and his opponents succeeded in a way. He won the referendum by 98%, but largely because 55% of the eligible voters decided to stay home. So the Yes camp won the referendum, but technically, the referendum failed. Now both Orban can boast of the result and do some chest-thumping and try to assert more positions on major EU issues like migration; but also the Brussels bureaucrats can sigh with relief and probably even rejoice a little because more than half of the Hungarian people have turned their back on Orban.

But don't get me wrong. Most Hungarians are clearly against the current EU migration policy. This should have become clear to Brussels, and those guys better be taking notes, and adjust their approach. On the other hand, the majority of Hungarians obviously realize that this referendum was not so much about the refugees, as much as about Orban. He's evidently trying to keep his base active, and make this about himself. Well, it didn't work. Or in his mind, maybe it did. Kindasorta.

One thing is for sure. Europe needs an extensive, open discussion on the matter of migration. The way decisions are currently being made, and then sent over to the populace, is intransparent, undemocratic, and runs counter to the very "principles" the EU has professed. And, unless this changes soon, more populists like Orban will be gaining ground at the political scene.
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"In sum, Trump’s visit to Mexico was a test beyond whether a presidential candidate who has made racist remarks about immigrants from a country can return to that country and have a productive conversation at the presidential level. It was a test as to whether Trump understands the real world of global finance, trade, and the economic importance of the U.S.-Mexican relationship. Up until this point, Trump has failed that test in ways that could prove dangerous if he is elected."

In even shorter sum, the plan is bogus because the candidate is bogus.

Trump's New Immigration Plan. He's basically lying to everyone since the Mexican President said he won't pay for the wall and there likely won't be one...

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Trump now says he plans to legalize some undocumented immigrants

"Trump plans to announce a major shift on immigration policy next week. The Republican candidate met Saturday with Hispanic leaders who said he told them he regrets prior comments about Mexicans."

Wait, wasn't he supposed to be very, very, extremely tough on illegal immigrants? Didn't he call Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals? Didn't he vow to deport every single one of them? Didn't he praise Operation Wetback, the infamous mass deportation program of the 50s? Hasn't he been standing next to victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants? Hmmm...

Dammit, how dumb do they think everyone is? Within 5 days, you hire one of the most reprehensible racists as your campaign manager, and now you want everyone to believe you might change your stance on immigration - um, just so you can get elected and then change your mind back again... please.

Inconsistent, unpredictable, wavers and weaves in the slightest breeze - oh yeah, this is a sign of real "strength", "honesty", "confidence". This man is the biggest con man of all time. It's stunning that such a huge number of people still support him and intend to vote for him.
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Interesting analysis of the reasons for America's shameful reaction to the refugee crisis.

Basically, it identifies 5 reasons that America has refused to lend a hand in this problem. Governors pandering to their constituents for the sake of keeping their position; presidential candidates pandering to the fears of the base for the sake of being elected; Congress being, well, Congress; the American public itself, being consumed by the above-mentioned fears; and other countries willingly taking the hit, which gives America a lot of leeway to escape responsibility. Never mind that the refugees turn out to be an asset rather than a burden to economies, as the case with Turkey has shown (whether they're being treated as cheap labor, or slaves, is another issue - but aren't many illegal immigrants in the US in that situation already?)

Here's a map of the states that oppose new Syrian refugees:

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I'm really amazed by the simplicity behind arguments like, "Europe has a population of 400+ million; it can easily absorb a couple million refugees, no problem. Look, America is doing it on a regular basis".

So let's dig a bit further under the surface of what at first sight may look like easy-peasy solution here. And you'll see how after a while, the whole premise begins to fall apart. First of all, this sort of argument assumes that these couple of million, or X million newcomers would be evenly distributed throughout Europe - which couldn't be any further from the truth. In fact, as the refugees themselves have said, they're mostly aiming for Germany, Sweden, and partly the Lower Lands and Austria. And not just any part of Gemany: most are aiming for Bavaria, Rhineland and Ruhr. They've been rather picky about Sweden too, and they definitely won't go to any part of Sweden either (in fact some have reportedly refused to live in a particular place that was "too woody, too remote, and too cold" to their tastes). No, most of them are aiming for Scania, Gothia and the Stockholm area.

Most refugees would end up densely packed. Who knew! )
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I would love to present this without commentary as regards the rush to label as deeds of foreigners what are anything but, but since that's not within the rules here, I'll just note: in every single case of recent Islamist terrorism in Europe, it's not the foreigners or immigrants that cause them but people who've been born and raised in Europe and exposed to what is theoretically a secular multicultural and inclusive society grounded in rule of law. And instead they go the Breivik route.

It seems that something is rotten not only in Denmark but across Europe. The USA has its flaws, yes. Very real ones. But the people here that blow up our citizens tend to be the ones that come in specifically for that purpose and the only home-grown people who blow up people and shoot them on religious grounds are white Christian men. That's the precise inverse pattern of what keeps recurring in France, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, and has been happening in Russia since the Yeltsin days (of course there continuing an old colonial feud has a lot to do with it).

So whither the difference? What makes people three generations running in Europe with long-term experience of society willing to attack their neighbors without warning while in the USA it takes specific immigration for that purpose to initiate things, because the ones here don't really care about that any more than their equally fat and ignorant Christian neighbors? 
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An interview I conducted a couple of days ago and have just posted.

Breaking news has been released that the world powers have declared a "cessation of hostilities", reports of some 11.5% of population have been killed or injured, with over six million displaced persons and refugees.

There are over two and half million refugees in Turkey. Many have become 'stateless persons'. They are unable to renew their Syrian passports which expire as they are seeking asylum.

One such person is Qassem Al Salamat, in Istanbul. This is his story.

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While some are disseminating booklets telling refugees "Bad boy. Don't do that!", folks in Russia have decided enough is enough, and have taken the law in their own hands:

Refugees Find Out Russia Isn’t Norway

"The refugees groped and fondled the Russian women much like they do all through Europe. The refugees tried to flee the scene after a group of men approached them for the purpose of teaching them about respecting Russian women. They took them outside and began giving them a royal beating in which at least all of refugees were hit. The beating continued until the police arrived to break up the fight. Unconfirmed reports say the police took a few swipes at the refugees before arresting 33 of them."

Cue the outrage... )
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How to avoid being spat at, beaten, abused, or gang-raped by foreigners in your own country without being accused of having "looked for it" by "enticing" them, or prosecuted for trying to defend yourself?

The (final?) solution... )
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Dozens of migrant children are being held against their will for months and even years by the Australian authorities in a detention center for refugees located in Nauru, in the middle of the Pacific - a place merely the size of 21 square kilometers, CNN has reported.

The kids unequivocally describe that place as a prison. They are forced to live behind fences, they are searched every time they enter or exit the camp, including on their way to school. They feel threatened and abused by the omnipresent supervisors. But most of all, they are depressed by the lack of any hope in life, and the sense of their fading dreams of decent education and a better life beyond the confines of that tiny island.

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Turkey, Europe and the US are responsible for deepening the Syrian conflict and for the biggest migration crisis that has hit Turkey and Europe in centuries. It's a consequence of the continuing war that no leader was able or willing to anticipate.

The conflict has forced 4 and a half million refugees to leave their homes and seek refuge in neighboring countries (curiously, the Gulf states refuse to allow them in; not that they'd be anything different from slaves if they got there, anyway). Turkey alone is hosting 2.5 million refugees at the moment. Europe has got a unprecedented flood of migrants on its hands, one that so far the Turkish authorities had pretended not to be concerned about. While refusing to deal with the millions of refugees, Turkey is now using them as hostages in the bargaining with the EU, particularly Germany.

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