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...All those Trump supporters saying "it's been forever and nobody's been put in jail over Russia. It's time to shut it down."

Of course, evidence is now being presented to grand juries to obtain indictments, but here's the real irony:

Benghazi: investigated eleven times, and Trumpists still think it needs to be investigated again.

Uranium One: under investigation since 2014, and nada. Hillary was exonerated, but they want to go for it again.

Emails: Hillary was exonerated, but they still want her in jail.

That's deranged.

None of those investigations are going anywhere. They've already been completed, but the Trump fan crowd still expects that something should happen.

The Mueller investigation is MOVING forward, and they want it stopped. Wonder why?*

Actually, that's not irony. That's pure, hyper partisan hypocrisy.

And don't forget the private email servers used by Trump's advisors. Oh, and we should have an investigation for the events at Niger while we're at it. Benghazi anyone!?

* Clown boy fired enough people who were already investigating him. Even threatened to fire the guy who wouldnt hold his water. Do keep that in mind.
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Bernie Sanders will go to Puerto Rico instead of Women's Convention

But wait, let me get this straight, some crazy assholes gave him all kinds of shit for being *invited* to that thing (in place of women who rejected their own invitations)...

Now those same people are giving him shit for NOT going!?

Methinks some are just bitter hags taking out their own failures on somebody else.

Why should anyone be mad he isn't going to speak? He never should have been invited in the first place. Bernie folks seem to be all bent out of shape. Not speaking may be the smartest thing Bernie has actually done. I'm sure there are scads of brown Americans in Puerto Rico who would love to hear from the one of the whitest Senators in Congress all about the joys of single payer healthcare, evil billionaires, and free stuff.
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Careful what you wish for, they say. Latest case in point: one James Fridman, who grants people Photoshop wishes - and in quite a literal way.

More samples HERE.
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Do you think the above advert is racist? It caused a great outcry. That's the Dove shower gel advert, and it caused yet another debate about the limits of free expression in the era of hurt feelings and eternally insulted "special snowflakes".

The images of a black woman removing her shirt and a white one coming out has instantly triggered the regular experts in professional indignation. They've jumped in to demonize Dove, and of course capitalism and the whole Western world as toxic platforms for institutionalized systematic racism against people of color. The usual algorithm followed: a corporate self-flagellation and an apology from the company, then a removal of the "offensive" material.

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When a right-winger* brings up Communism, they do so only to make liberals defensive and try to force them to deny they are Communists so they will stop making the valid points for which the conservative has no possible defense. It’s the know-nothing’s safe place, like a child who has no response to a confusing situation but “you’re a doodyhead!” Communism has never been a major player in American politics.

When people say they are against something because it didn't work somewhere else, I'm pretty sure that is fallacious thinking. I've seen it with both communism and capitalism. Perhaps the system in question could work, but they did something wrong. Perhaps the country's failure was due to something entirely different. You can't just make such a claim without giving a compelling argument or reason to back it up.

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Sounds like science fiction, to be sure. Imagine humankind sending two huge cargo space ships to Mars as soon as 2022. Just 5 years from now. And 24 months later, another 4 ships that would bring the first colonists to the red planet. Sounds preposterous, right? Well, billionaire dreamer Elon Musk thinks otherwise. The guy who turned electric cars into a mass transport and founded the SpaceX company, which created the first private rockets.

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Longing for the days of yore is very commonplace among people. It could even have positive effects: nostalgia is often a driving motivational force. But some people go too far in giving in to old practices and archaic lifestyles. They reject all scientifically based medicine. They practice alternative healing that has no grounding on science or any provable foundation. They practice "paleo diets", and worship "ancient wisdom", as if ancient is equal to rational or useful.

There are even people who go to extremes in turning their back to modern life. Mark Boyle is one such example, the guy who reject money, technology, electricity, and who believes he's somehow a better person than all of us because of it. At least that's the impression I'm getting while reading his column at The Guardian, or skimming through his books. But how could one practice an extremely nature-orientated lifestyle, and in the meantime rub that lifestyle into other people's faces by using a popular Internet website, writing one article after another on your modern laptop? Sounds hypocritical, doesn't it?

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Take a look around. The world may seem like a static, implacable... well, place. But it really isn't. Even the slightest push, when applied to the right spot at the right time, could topple it.

That's what Malcolm Gladwell argues in his book The Tipping Point. Basically, he says, it's hard to pinpoint the right moment, where scattered events blend into a single coherent action, where gradual evolution becomes revolution. Only in hindsight would such a moment look obvious: "Oh wow, how didn't we think of that at the time?" This shows that humankind still hasn't passed through the new industrial wave, which will fundamentally change the way everything functions. But we might be at the starting point already.

A factory run by robots; a 3D printer that produces shoes by personal parameters; a machine that can order its own repairs; home appliances that send feedback to the producer in order to help improve their processes; a decentralised intel in every aspect, from medicine to batteries - all of that is part of the incoming change that's about to sweep modern society. But exactly how fast this change is, is what few have been prepared for. It's not the world of tomorrow any more - it's the world of today.

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Sort of old news, but still.

sep 2016 (for background)

oct 2017

oct 2017 (paywall)

I'm worried about two things though, first that lobbyism will delay or even destroy this, and second if the patent will prevent this from reaching it's true potential. I hope, since the author is a proper scientist, that he will release the patent once the kinks are sorted out.

Btw my favourite quote from this is the following:

“It’s an interesting idea, but too much in its infancy at the moment for us to comment on,” a Department of Health spokesperson told The Independent. “I don’t think we’d give money to it until it was a little further along,” said the spokesperson. "If [Professor Nutt] were to apply for funding, it would go through the process of everything else and would be judged on its merits.” “It would be great for producing better workforce efficiency if no one was hungover,” they added.
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Oh well. We're all gonna die, obvs.

‘Nibiru is coming’: End of the world to start ‘NEXT WEEK’

Wasn't it supposed to come last month? And a couple months before as well? Oh, and don't forget last year.

NIBIRU FINAL WARNING: ‘Just how long does Earth have left before Planet X doom?’
AN EMOTIONAL plea has been made for the world to prepare for the mythical planet Nibiru to pass the Earth.

Prepare, how? Say our prayers?

PLANET X ‘COVER-UP'Space boffins who discovered Nibiru died in ‘mysterious’ circumstances, conspiracy theorists
One of the scientists mysteriously died at a South Pole telescope location 'shortly before he intended to publish new findings about the alien world'

But of course! The government (?) is covering it all up. Because - evil government!

Anyway; here's a list of doomsday predictions. Notice how they've exponentially increased ever since the Internet became a thing?

Ps. Oh by the way, today is Friday 13th. Now if you may excuse me, I've got to run back to my cave where I've got a ton of food, guns and matches stacked just in case.
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Catalonia. Referendum. Independence. Violence. Battle scenes accompanying an illegal, unconstitutional referendum for secession. All of this has clouded the sober assessment of the whole process of Catalonia's drive for independence. Many, regardless of their alignment, whether they sympathize with the Catalan irredentists or the supporters of Spain's territorial integrity, have allowed their opinions to be affected by Madrid's firm actions.

The last couple of decades have seen a dominance of the liberal notion in Europe that the state (i.e. the police) shouldn't be beating up its own citizens, no matter what sort of madness they may descend into. If it starts beating them up, it means that state is neither democratic nor European, not to mention civilized. It seems Europe has a rather short memory, it has forgotten the way Margaret Thatcher used to bash IRA, or, while we're about Spain, how Luiz Carrero Blanco used to treat ETA.

In reality, the very idea of statehood is mostly associated with the territory that this statehood encompasses, and the borders denoting it. And if someone dares violate the territorial integrity of a state and tries to alter its borders, that state has the full moral right to use force to defend itself. The acceptable norms and limits of that force are stipulated in the Geneva Convention, not by the "consciousness of public opinion". Which, by the way, was confirmed by the Spanish king the other day. And by the European Commission, too.

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There's a lot of disappointed folks out there - upset folks - sometimes with good reason, but not always. There's a lot of whining and complaining (from both sides!) - too much negative, not enough positive. How about some positive?

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Here is the story of a Yale ornithologist named Dr Christine Lattin who has recently become the target of massive abuse from animal rights group PETA, including threats and intimidation. Essentially, her work is helping to save native birds from pollution, climate change, and invasive species, but PETA's actions seldom make sense.

Earlier this year, PETA singled Dr Lattin out for attack, demanding that Yale should stop her work immediately. When Lattin posted a picture of a conference poster on Twitter, she was flooded with abusive responses that accused her of "torturing and killing" birds. Some tweets included death threats. The harassment has escalated into protests outside her house, presumably a frightening experience for her young child.

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Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening deal on ‘dreamers’

This sounds pretty much like a Trump deal. Make one small good thing you should do anyway contingent on getting everything else you want, then make the other side struggle to get that one small good thing, so they don't realize how much you've gained in the other direction. Deflection, denial, projection, and lying are the tools of Trump's trade, and Democrats would do well to fight him, to not allow him to dictate nasty repressive terms to get the one small good thing.

Trump has to be getting desperate, he has to know that getting things from the House and Senate may get even harder after 2018, and his flailing attempts to get even Republicans to go along with his "ideas" will eventually convince even brainwashed Trump voters of his incompetence and lack of qualifications to be president. Not even Fox "News" can spin and fake up Trump's failures into "wins"... and Democrats must not hand him a victory for one small good thing, or they're giving him tools to defeat them in the next election. No wins for Trump, no "deals" which even Faust would pass up.

Only this cruel administration would use the lives of children escaping murderous violence and extreme poverty as a bargaining chip in DACA negotiations. "More detention spaces" for children indeed. Label children who truly are unaccompanied on their dangerous and horrific journey to a country that only purports to be welcoming to migrants, as "accompanied." Whisk them back to the brutal conditions they are fleeing. Is America truly such a heartless country? Can Americans not find a place in their wealthy country for a child in desperate need simply because there would be more brown people residing there?
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I won't be delving too deeply into the technicalities (there's plenty of material on the Internet about that already), but yet another recent spat I had with a fellow "concerned mom" reminded me of the pseudo hype that's Oscillococcinum. This sort of "medicine" is allowed into pharmacies with little oversight, and touted as real medicine, while it's, to put it mildly, all bogus.

Most of us may already know the story. It all started about a couple centuries ago, when an incompetent doctor saw some things under a primitive microscope, which he had no idea what they were, so he decided those must have been bacteria. He then assumed that the supposed bacteria causes absolutely ALL diseases, and what's more, he could destroy it by giving his patients water with goose liver so diluted that you'd need the volume of the entire visible universe to find a single remaining molecule of the original active ingredient. Weird, huh? Do bear with me, though. The premise is that water "remembers" that the active ingredient was contained in it at some point (why exactly would the water "prefer" to "remember" *this* particular ingredient, as opposed to all the piss and shite that it once contained as well, is beyond me - but this is magical medicine that we're talking about here, after all).

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Ripped from the headlines this morning, for your Friday WTF-ness!

Roseburg father, son accused of shooting up truck that crashed into their front yard.
"During his interview with deputies, Smith said he could still fix Sanderson's fence."

Now that is American!!!

In other Oregon news:

Gov. Kate Brown aims to further restrict gun ownership, and the effort to repeal new Oregon gun control law falls flat.

So ... The state seems to be dragging it's knuckles in the right direction.
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So let me ask a very blunt question that I hope will see equally blunt answers.

If a rational President was facing the same situation, would you react any differently to that? Or would s/he be the erratic greater evil too? )

The reality is of course said Orangutan is doing things stupidly and arrogantly, but the situation he faces was sown over decades and would come due no matter who does what here in Washington. Would the same people who see the USA as the prime mover of all evil suddenly remember that the rest of the world can think and act and that 1914 was far from the last time a state willfully presided over self-destructive actions ending in its own demise (ask Mikhail Gorbachev that question and I'm sure he'd tell you a few interesting things)? 

I really, really think that no matter what happens the US President who didn't sit back would be the erratic greater threat and that North Korea openly boasting about nuclear attacks on US soil with the means to actually do it would always be a lesser threat because people want the big dog cut down to size and are willing to chance a nuclear strike on it because in the end retaliating to someone else's strike is a more morally offensive act than the strike itself.

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