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I'm not sure this list of FB types if too exhaustive, and besides, who would ever fit into a single category, amirite? But still. Which of the 4 options might you be generally gravitating towards?

1) Selfie type
2) Relationship builder
3) Town cryer
4) Window shopper

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Oooh, Donnie must be loving this...

Obama tolerance tweet becomes most liked

What a contrast. An article about a President of the United States that didn't make me feel unclean. It's been a while. Here we have a man with measured intellect. A man with class and bearing. A man humble but firm in doing good. A man polite but firm with enemies as well. A thinking man, well-read with deep understanding. Are you already missing all that like hell? All these attributes missing in Trump. President Obama would have been tough to follow for a merely competent person, but to replace him with a dishonest liar, now that holds me in stunned disbelief. I'm not sure those who supported him even realize that when America recovers its senses there will be hell to pay.

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This is an important article. For the first time we are able to correlate all sorts of data points; and now some things are becoming apparent:
approx 5% of The US's population is gay, the areas with the highest number of racist searches on google were the areas which voted overwhelmingly for Trump, and no-one apart from me is actually having very much sex.

I now know why African Americans are so fucking angry, and why Gay folk are scared, why marriages are full of frustrated people, and the fact that the racist, sexist homophobes dissemble every time they're on the Internet excepting when they're searching for new racist, sexist, or homophobic jokes. Weird that I can still spot them, eh?

How does the panel think that an examination of their individual internet history would reflect on them? In my case obvs it's literature, music, politics, and sex; with Wikipedia plugged into a vein at all times. 

And now I also know why folk are against big data even if anonymously gathered and with identities protected. It seems it's not just institutional and cultural racism/sexism/homophobia, it's actual, individually held, and hidden.

Personally, I never use the "N" word excepting academically and in quotation marks; and even then I prefer not to use it, accepting Edward VII's injunction against it; but I can imagine it being difficult to write this article without it.
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Last Friday offtopic on LJ's version of TP, heh!

Anyway... Here's the latest fad on the Internet. And it takes years to make. Or rather just a minute, plus an old photo of yours with your friends or family...

Five guys take same photo for 30 years

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...And perhaps for a reason. Maybe not exactly the right reason on this instance, but the reason we all want to believe we should be freaking out for. Do bear with me.

See, LJ seemed to have stopped working for some folks yesterday - I mean, they appeared to be blocked away from their own journals and the communities they were members in. Some suspected Putin's long hand had finally moved in to silence dissenting voices, or quash constructive pluralist debate and critical thought. Because his minions must be everywhere around the networks, sniffing and listening, and reporting back to their masters whenever someone says something bad about Dear Leader and the beautiful utopian new world he's building for us all. Maybe so.

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Sorry for the offtopic, but I thought this could be important.

Somewhere in UK, the other day...

Race to decrypt computers in 104 countries hit by 'unprecedented mass cyber attack'

"Cyber extortionists tricked victims into opening malicious malware attachments to spam emails that appeared to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files overnight. The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments of $US300 to $US600 to restore access. Security researchers say they observed some victims paying via the digital currency bitcoin, though they did not know how many had given in to the extortionists. Researchers with security software maker Avast say they had observed 57,000 infections in 99 countries with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan the top targets. The most disruptive attacks were reported in Britain, where hospitals and clinics were forced to turn away patients after losing access to computers."

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Is the only way to stop this sort of thing from affecting the voting population a proper education? The mixing of the real and the fabricated in these releases leaks means that separating the fact from the fiction is hugely time consuming. And then, given the timing of the leak....

Maybe the time has come for Mr Assange to be put in prison like the rapist he appears to be: but the fact that his Wikileaks platform has just become an accessory to destabilising quite a few nation-states' elections means that any prison sentence would be considered political. This may be a shame from the point-of-view of Mr Assange's purported victim, and may be a shame from the point of view of most nation-states going through elections, but may be necessary given the political situation.

However... The rest of us have our opinion. May Mr Assange spend more time with his friends. People like him. (I sometimes picture him in a threesome with The Donald and Uncle Vlad. All happy boys together.) The rest of us can happily turn our backs upon him. I'm sure he will come out from under his rock as and when someone nameless feeds him more disinformation for him to distribute in the hope of destabilising our polities.

After this release it is my opinion that Wikileaks is a busted flush, and a mere propaganda tool for sale to anyone who can get Julian off his rape charge.
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Twitter psychology re POTUS, from a UCBerkeley cognitive scientist, author @GeorgeLakoff

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All that being nice and all, I think what we are missing here is there is a good chance that Trump is not an aberration and instead a fruit of our time.

(1) An information revolution pushed quickly now by the Internet and recently satellite cable allows the emergence and separation of ideological communities.

(2) Information content is more and more individually tailored. Marketers work to provide content that supports an individual's biases in order to obtain traffic and a positive market context.

(3) The nature of man in confusing conditions prefers authoritarian modes. Humanity's millennia long history gives us religions of simple, unchanging life perspectives (authoritarian conditions), a natural human tendency against the overload and fast evolution of the information revolution. ISIS is not some strange, alien phenomenon. We are ISIS in different shades and hues.

We think that if all those other people would just learn and understand properly that a good portion of the madness being experienced would fade away. Yes, we must beat Trump, but beating Trump will be the easy part. The hard problem is how we are going to deal with a humanity that is becoming progressively out-of-sync with an evolving stability required in our modern time.

Trump's not the problem, he's a symptom of the problem.
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Germany leads fightback against fake news

The article cites a Breitbart "report" about a fictitious mob attack on a German church that never happened. And there's of course Trump's claims about an incident in Sweden that didn't happen when he said it did (well, something did happen a couple days later, but that's an entirely different story).

The point here is about fake news, and deliberate lies in the media that are designed to serve an agenda. As the job of the paid Internet troll and fake news creator has flourished in recent times, I expect another job, that of the impartial (?) fact-checker to take its due place on the scene as well.

As for Germany, the bigger problem there might not be so much the amount of BS conveyed via Facebook, but more the (self?)-censorship in the main news outlets when it comes to reporting on issues that directly affect society, but are outside that imaginary (and arbitrary?) line of acceptable, politically correct subjects. Ignoring those topics is not helping tackle the important issues of the day in any way, it just sweeps them under the rug and postpones the process of addressing them to a later point in time, thus potentially making them worse (the migration topic is a fine example there). Fake news are spreading because the media is losing credibility, fast.

There's an argument that freedom of speech must include the freedom to "lie." For one man's "lies" are another man's truths. If you disagree with a claim that is made, you are free to challenge and debate it in the open, thereby exercising one's own freedom of speech as well. But silencing and censoring "lies" is a very slippery slope. Indeed, who decides what is a lie and what is not? This comes dangerously close to thought policing.

On the other hand, lies are lies and fake news is fake news and in the case of invented facts, it's all a lie and fake news, period. Truth does not come in the form of a multiple choice answer. Interpretation of the facts, on the other hand...

So what say you? Where do you stand on this?
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It may sound like a script for a shitty movie about a conspiracy against democracy. Some youngsters from a small town flood another country's election campaign with lies, affecting events at the other side of the world, and contributing to the election victory of a radical underdog candidate for whom far fewer people would have voted otherwise. A true triumph of crappy fiction over sensible reality, right?

Except that story is not so far away from the truth. Meet Veles, a town in remote Macedonia. Population: 40 thousand people... and 140 websites dedicated to "Trump"., USConservaiveToday,com,, etc. Even reading just the headlines would cause your heart rate to go up, and I'm sure the articles there must have fired up Trump's base quite a bit. Examples: "Hillary Clinton worships Satan and directs a secret paedophile ring", "These documents from 1995 say the truth about Obama", "How the government is trying to eliminate Julian Assange", etc. These fake news circled the world a hundred times before the truth could put its shoes on, thanks to the power of the social networks. They bolstered Trump's popularity and earned him voters. And to their authors they brought lots of cash. Because the websites that published those fake news make their revenue from clicks and shares on the social networks. The more clicks and shares, the more revenue from ads. As for the content, it doesn't matter that much. The clicks were what mattered.

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Behold the newest Internet meme, which people have devised because they are bored and have mostly First-World problems a lot of spare time on their hands! =)

I'm just kidding. The Mannequin Challenge is a new viral video craze where people imitate mannequins by freezing for the camera in various positions, pretending to be in the middle of doing something. Some of these videos include quite elaborate scenes. Some have also involved prominent celebrities, sports teams and politicians. A few examples:

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Well, seems like covering your laptop's front cam has turned from a geek fad to a necessity, now that hackers have occasionally demonstrated that yes, those cameras are not just dormant, they can be used to watch you while you're fapping to porn:

Why is everyone covering up their laptop cameras?

Stickers and slides serve to ease concerns that spooks could be watching our every move, as even the FBI director says he puts tape on his camera.

Even the FBI director James Comey has said this is "a thing", and Zuckerberg, the guy whose platform is the very epitome of voluntarily relinquished privacy, is protecting his ass that way.

So admit it. Have you put that piece of plaster on your cam yet?
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Hillary Clinton has said Russia can influence the US presidential election. Trump has actually openly welcomed the intervention of the Russian hackers, and though Putin denies any Kremlin involvement in the DNC email hacking (as he always would, in such situations; remember how he initially denied Russian involvement in Donbass), Trump has openly praised the act, and even (sarcastically? seriously? who knows at this point) called for Russia to go ahead and hack Hillary's emails, too.

The hybrid warfare seems to be stepping up a gear these days. This is the first time Russian groups have been accused of a possible attempt to influence the outcome of an US election. Now Trump, being considered a pro-Putin Manchurian candidate with deep Kremlin ties (for whom both Russia and North Korea are rooting to win this election, by the way), has precipitated the process.

Even if Russia may seem in economic trouble after the EU sanctions due to its adventure in Ukraine and the Crimean annexation, as far as cyber warfare is concerned (being part of modern asymmetric warfare in this Cold War II), they're doing pretty damn good. In fact they're doing way better than China, because Russian hackers are well-organized, very focused, and apparently, state-funded. They don't shoot at random - they do concerted efforts to bring down well-chosen targets. Remember the whole Estonia debacle? They brought the entire Estonian economy on its knees within a couple of days when things got sour between those two countries (Estonia is a very hi-tech society, has developed a "digital government", and this makes it extremely vulnerable in that respect). Georgia became a victim to the Russian cyber-war-machine, too. And now, the US.

This is only going to get more serious. As we know, hackers are always a step ahead of any digital security technology, no matter how competent the defense is.

The question, why exactly would Russia be rooting for Trump, is another topic, which I leave to you.
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"Clinton is candidate for president, they're airing Tarzan in the theatres, and everyone's playing Pokemon. Welcome to 2001". That's the caption below a cartoon that's been circulating the webs lately. And all three of these statements are still valid today, in 2016. Just like 15 years ago, the Pokemons are again the latest fad - this time through Pokemon Go.

Most of us must have noticed by now that some folks tend to wander around, looking into their cellphones while they walk. Not all of them are texting or Facebooking (sic?) Many are actually hunting for pokemons. You know, those fabled creatures - water, fire, electric little thingies that look like foxes, turtles, kittens, little dwaggins or just weird-shaped clouds. They came to life back in the 90s, but the new smartphone version is now re-conquering the world once more. Last month Pokemon Go beat the previous record with 21 million active subscribers daily, and it was installed on 5% of all Android devices in the US just within the first 2 days of its existence. Fierce ink-spilling and spittle-spewing ensue on the matter. The debates are still raging in places as far away apart as Oz, NZ, Asia and the Euros. After this terrific start though, the question arises, is this going to be another huge success, or the umpteenth balloon that is sure to go bust pretty soon?

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And still, this can't help but feel kind of sick. Especially considering the hypocrisy behind it:

Facebook bans 'undesirable' advert of plus-sized model Tess Holliday

Facebook blocked the Cherchez la Femme group from promoting a post for its "Feminism and Fat" panel discussion, because it depicted the body in "an undesirable manner". It featured model Tess Holliday smiling and posing in swimwear. ... After international outcry, Facebook later reinstated the advert and claimed that it had been mistakenly censored.

Yeah, right. "Mistakenly". These guys only apologized and backpedaled on the ban because there was an outcry. Which is exactly how oganized outrage on hot-button issues is supposed to work, by the way: if a sufficient number of people are discontent with a way an issue is being handled, they voice that discontent via the available channels, and make (or don't make) the intended impact on the further way said issue is handled.

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When North Korea released a new official photo of its leader last week, it clearly had no idea how the world would react. Lots of folks noticed the natural looking portrait was clearly missing some retouching (very untypical for the Photoshop-obsessed North Koreans), so the internet soon took care of that.

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Can't say I particularly like FB, but... The below story definitely isn't the reason.

Zuckerberg denies Facebook has anti-conservative bias

"Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg denied Thursday that the social network's editors suppress conservative news from its trending topics list. In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg said he planned to talk with leading conservatives in coming weeks "about what Facebook stands for and how we can be sure our platform stays as open as possible.""

LMAO here we are, investigating FB while Faux "News" continues to air blatant lies day after day, having enjoyed a HUGE conservative bias for years while calling itself "fair and balanced" (I guess in their definition, that means bringing balance back to the discourse by counter-weighing all liberal media combined in terms of bias; got it now).

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Well, well, well. This is what happens when you feed info from the social networks into a self-teaching AI. Seems like Microsoft's experiment with the creation of hasn't worked that well, after all. Why? Because they figured she'd be best if she modeled her own behavior based on real human interactions around the Webz, so they allowed actual random people to input all sorts of feedback into her "mind", thus hoping she'd learn humans' ways.

It all started so well and cosy. But in the end, found herself spewing all sorts of stinky obscenities, crazy conspiracy theories, and talking points that even the most shameless bigot would've blushed from.

My personal favorite? "F*** MY ROBOT P**** DADDY I'm SUCH A NAUGHTY ROBOT!"
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Essena O'Neill quits Instagram claiming social media 'is not real life'

First reaction that came to me: she criticizes the brands who paid for her to model... but did not return any of the money she received from her employers. Nice.

Let's face it. There are thousands of girls like her on Instagram, and there will be another new crop next year. I think at some point the light might go on that the only reason gals like her get hundreds of thousands if not millions of likes or Instagram hearts or whatever, is because they constitute a pretty piece of flesh to the eyes of the mass consumer.

It turns into an addiction where you have to keep performing for the crowd, to tailor your photos to the masses. Inevitably, at some point the light goes on and you begin to realize that you're not living your own life for yourself but for others. You know - First World problems. I can hear the cynical responses like, OMG what a tragedy... how are we going to cope with this...

Anyway. Good for her for breaking away from the addictive cycle of affirmation from strangers and validation from peers. After all, you can mentally survive only for a while running around faking a perfect life and posting that on the Internet for everyone to follow. At some point you get tired of being treated as an object. Everyone is a PR agent of themselves desperately wanting to create the illusion of perfection and disdaining the real imperfections in life. She and many other early Youtube celebs have all disconnected for a reason.

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