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New place, new Daily Quotes list, yo!

The Dailyquote list for July-September will follow here... (to be regularly updated)

"Trump is great now! I mean, now that he's with our guys! I'm sure now he's going to make America great again!"

"Nature is a pitiless blind idiot god that couldn't give two shits about the lifeforms that emerge and crawl upon the thin film of the biosphere in an equally harsh, arbitrary, and uncaring universe."

"Nobody stands for freedom because it's a Trojan Horse rhetorically to justify imperialism in the modern age. Leopold II butchered ten million Congolese for cheap rubber in the name of civilization and the abolition of slavery. The USA imposes dictators and kleptocrats in the name of freedom."

"Favoring multiculturalism is something Westerners give a lot of lovely lip service to until they have to actually do it."

"The real principles of Western society have been 'nice horde with spears you got there. We have machine guns. Fuck you' the last 150 years."

"Everyone fucks up. It's a given. Small fuckups are a blessing if they prevent larger ones."

"HOW CAN YOU SAY BOTH SIDES??? Ok, so maybe there is video and photographic evidence of violence from both sides, but....but it's not fair...Trump said it, it's wrong....RACISM! somethingPHOBIA!"

"Hypocrisy in politics is so fascinating. It's almost like theater on steroids."

"[A good conspiracy is] only disproven if you're naïve enough to listen to scientists and other shills of the conspiracy... such as every airline pilot".

"[The protesters] are a spectacle, they are fascinating TV - like a live unscripted day long Jerry Springer episode every other weekend or so."

"All I hear is grumble-grumble-grumble."
"Must be your stomach. You're just hungry for Trump drama."

"It's not over yet. Wait until we pull out #FreeUkraine #RussiaIsBad #IStandWithUkraine... Vlady will be sorry he ever tried this."

"If the anti-Trumpers and the party of NO would stop undermining the president we would see better results... oh wait."

"It's said that "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." Sadly most people think being outraged is the point, and the paying attention part is optional."

"Everyone always thinks everyone else is inferior; that, and weapons, leads to manners, eventually. Even the wise know they are only a bit less inferior than everyone else."

"What's with conservatives' love for the awesome and freedom-promoting enlightened regime of Saudi Arabia? Oh wait. Oil."
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"Favoring multiculturalism is something Westerners give a lot of lovely lip service to until they have to actually do it."

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