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 So, not satisfied with merely sending a carrier to the Indian Ocean, Dorito Benito has decided to treat nuclear weapons deployments to counter a nuclear state perfectly happy to use them on South Korea and Japan as a first option.
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I guess Dorito Benito wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to fire the damned things off.
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Even when the nuclear state directly suspended the armistice it claimed to adhere to years ago.

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Personally I hope nothing comes of this but with this Administration there is no certainty that it'll be the usual pantomime and same old con artist game on the part of the USA and North Korea alike. And that lack of certainty with not one but two scenarios involving other nuclear states is ah......not the best route by any means.
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Today, over 55 million Turkish citizens are voting to decide if they want a presidential republic. The whole country is pretty excited about the whole thing. There's nationwide ban on public campaigning on the voting day, the media are not allowed to announce exit poll results or air political adverts, or discuss the vote with politicians or experts, so we won't know the final result until tomorrow morning.

Actually the voting itself is not secret. A special stamp is given to the voter, then they put it either on the Yes or No option. 3 million Turkish expats were the first to cast their ballot, most did it a week ago. The preliminary polls showed a very tight race, with the Yes camp having a slight edge.

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