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As per the monthly topic, Trump's UN speech comes just timely. If anyone had expected even a semblance of diplomacy and nuance in his address to the UN, they might've been struck by the depressing amount of predictability in the final product. Trump appeared before the UN session as a commander in chief rattling his nuclear sabres, rather than a statesman. And this failed to surprise anyone.

In his speech, he reiterated a Twitter jab he made the other day about Kim Jong Un, the Rocket Man. In the most important speech on foreign policy he has had since the start of his presidency, he told the world leaders that Rocket Man is on a suicide mission. Ha. Ha. Ha.

The insults in the speech of the president of the United States killed the last remaining hopes that he'd send an honest message to a regime that's been challenging its neighbors for years. It's time for NK to realize that quitting nukes is the only responsible future for them, Trump argued before the UN - which by itself may sound like a relatively rational requirement. Unfortunately, what would remain in memory from this speech is his choice of an Elton John song to irritate the fellow Dear Leader of a rogue state with nuclear aspirations.

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Yeah, Trump again. Got fed up with these Trump posts, eh? Can't help it, sorry. :-)

He may've been a major douche, but for the last couple of weeks he has strained the nerves of his fellow party clergy to the brink. I'm talking about the debt ceiling deal, where he decided to side with the Dems and postpone the debates on the debt ceiling for another 3 months. Oh, and he also may've supported a motion to legalize the status of illegal immigrants (DACA), and even had a dinner with Pelosi and Schumer over the issue.

He heeded Pelosi's request and wrote some tweets that was meant to calm down the immigrants that they wouldn't be deported (let me note again that nobody from Trump's PR team has any control over what he tweets - well, turns out, Nancy Pelosi might have). Then he supported Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D) who had some, let's call them difficulties before the election. And now he's hinting that the US might actually stay in the Paris Agreement. What the hell's happening?

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What On Earth Is Going On With Trump And The Paris Agreement?

Sigh. So many ignorant science denialists in the comments section.

1. The accord allowed each nation to select a target reduction of CO2. The US agreed to 25% below 2005 levels. 195 nations have reduction targets, not just the US.

2. The target date for industrialised nations is 2025; for developing nations it is 2030.

3. That doesn't mean any nation can wait until 2030 to start lowering CO2. If your target is to have $1 million in your retirement by age 65, you cannot wait until you are 65 to start.

4. China is reducing CO2 now. Today. They are moving more rapidly to solar than the rest of us are.

5. No one is being "penalised". The US simply agreed to that 25% reduction.

6, All industrialised nations are paying to help the developing nations, not just the US. All the major EU nations, Canada, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Norway, South Korea, etc. The money goes into a UN climate fund to help developing nations convert to green energy. They have to apply for grants for specific projects. Most people recognise these nations cannot do it by themselves, and the CO2 any nation emits affects our climate. All of us. The list of projects funded is public record.

7. The accord was signed under a treaty the US had already ratified earlier, the UN Framework on Climate Change.

Oh and by the way, a lot of American cities are sticking to the Paris agreement, it is just that poor excuse for a president that doesn't seem to care.

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A few days ago Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN provided a glimpse into Trump's plans for his policy towards Iran. Sure, the details are yet to be forged out, but the international community got the idea. And things ain't looking good at all:

Haley lays out case for US to leave Iran deal

Trump himself is going to announce his intentions about Iran next month. But Ms Haley is preparing the world with what her boss perceives to be a long list of Iranian transgressions, making the case for the upcoming confrontation.

It's a long list really, and the accusations are serious. Given the events in Syria, the list will probably be growing even longer. Because Iran is about to turn Syria into its colony, as regional observers are so eager to point out. As far-fetched as such an assessment may sound, it's not exactly groundless.

All of this could serve as an excuse for scrapping the nuclear deal with Iran. Because Iran's regional ambitions are not subject to that agreement, and they're pretty obvious. As are the US ones.

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It's tempting to say Trump is incompetent and unfit for ruling just because his style is so inadequate. But such conclusions would only give more ammo to his supporters. They don't care about criticism, they believe it's the elite's clinging to the status quo that Donnie the Hero has brought down. In fact no flood victim in Texas would've received more aid, or gotten a new home if Melania hadn't made her first trip to the region on high heels but in rubber boots. The world would probably be no further away from a catastrophic conflict with North Korea if the president had given hints about his intentions at a press conference like most people do, instead of Twitter. And the pardoning of sheriff Joe Arpaio would've been a scandal anyway, because even before he had signed the decree, the president had already demonstrated his disdain for the supremacy of law too many times.

Let's face it. Both America and the rest of the world will have to learn to live with this president for a long time, whether they like it or not. As for the big tasks at hand, from Texas to Florida to Korea, it's useless to dwell too much on the little snags. In fact, the moderates within the GOP may be going too far by dismissing even his maniacal boasting as a stupid whim. Because with his empty threats and empty promises, Trump is undermining the credibility of the presidential post. It's an eternal crisis management, a permanent divide-and-rule tactic. After Harvey, his administration did avoid many of the mistakes Bush did in 2005. But that's not so much thanks to the president as it is *GASP* thanks to Congress, which has managed to reform its disaster response routine through the years preceding Trump (THANKS, OBAMA!)

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Trump doesn't seem to care about nature very much...
...And nature sure doesn't care about him either.


Trump said climate change is a lie.
The climate said, hold my beer.


Oh, and Charlie Hebdo strikes again.

On a side note, is it OK to joke about Irma hitting Mar-a-Lago?

...I hope all of you guys are safe, wherever you are. This will be getting worse before it gets any better.
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How was the total eclipse? Did you enjoy it? Did you use precautions? Because your imbecile-in-chief did not:

Donald Trump mocked for looking directly at sun during solar eclipse - the funniest memes and tweets

Memes'n'tweets aside, what's stupid is stupid. He sure didn't trust the FakeNews(TM) to tell him what he should do. That, and he hates rules. So he looked. He didn't go blind though (this time literally), which may've disappointed some folks.

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Now, what makes me think that Trump was trying to gouge another few percent from the Secret Service in order to allow them to do the job they are no longer being payed for, having hit their overtime cap.

All his accusations about Obama taking vacations, costing civil and Secret service money and time, now look rather tame when one considers 45's first seven months of office.

America. This is insane. This is an insane situation. I'm sorry I repeated myself. It is for emphasis. We can read between the lines and draw conclusions ourselves. You have an asset-stripper in charge. Sooner or later it just becomes good business for 45 to sell the family silver alongside the family secrets to the highest bidder. Let's hope the Koch Brothers can outbid Uncle Vlad or Chinacorp TM.

The thing is, his supporters will still support him and consider themselves patriots. It's almost like they don't understand what words mean, or live in a Cheshire Cat reality where words mean only what he says they mean.

Maybe official business needs to be carried out at official residences and places of work. This maybe Trump's actual legacy to the White House: after his egregious usage of the office for his own business advantage, it appears that constitutional checks aren't working properly, and need either restating, or reformulating to prevent abuse.
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Oooh, Donnie must be loving this...

Obama tolerance tweet becomes most liked

What a contrast. An article about a President of the United States that didn't make me feel unclean. It's been a while. Here we have a man with measured intellect. A man with class and bearing. A man humble but firm in doing good. A man polite but firm with enemies as well. A thinking man, well-read with deep understanding. Are you already missing all that like hell? All these attributes missing in Trump. President Obama would have been tough to follow for a merely competent person, but to replace him with a dishonest liar, now that holds me in stunned disbelief. I'm not sure those who supported him even realize that when America recovers its senses there will be hell to pay.

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Trump finally condemns Charlottesville racism, days after violence

Wow, he sounded so convincing. NOT.

Trump said what he had to, not what he wanted to and he was reading his speech from a teleprompter and he was advised to do it. Impossible to believe anything coming out of his mouth or tweets. It resonates untrue or insincere. In the last 200 days Trump proved us that he has no moral fiber and any intelligence. He is vain, arrogant, brutal, uncultivated and a downright racist and a pathological liar. He is not a leader.

His speech about Charlottesville came 2 days later, let's not forget about it. So what took him so long, eh? Could it have something to do with the white supremacists being very thankful to him for not condemning them?

Some people are saying Trump lost a chunk of his base by this talk. Nonsense. The delay in giving these remarks is all the indication they need that Trump didn't mean a word of it.

The fact that it took two days to get Trump to read this statement is disgusting.

There are confederate rallies going on all over the country. Some folks sure are going to be busy.

Sorry but this is the base he appealed to along with the rest of the as, McCain has always declared,. "The party of Lincoln". My question to McCain is to which Lincoln are you referring to, John? Cannot be Abraham. This seems to be the new base of the Republicans, good luck folks. Looking forward to seeing you pay for years for your cowardly performance.
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"The U.S. special counsel investigating possible ties between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia in last year’s election is examining a broad range of transactions involving Trump’s businesses as well as those of his associates, according to a person familiar with the probe.

The president told the New York Times on Wednesday that any digging into matters beyond Russia would be out of bounds. Trump’s businesses have involved Russians for years, making the boundaries fuzzy so Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to be taking a wide-angle approach to his two-month-old probe."

Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions

"The roots of Mueller’s follow-the-money investigation lie in a wide-ranging money laundering probe launched by then-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara last year, according to the person.

FBI agents had already been gathering information about Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, according to two people with knowledge of that probe. Prosecutors hadn’t yet begun presenting evidence to a grand jury. Trump fired Bharara in March."

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Our Friday nonsense installment features the teaching story of one Michael Elliott from Oregon, who received a piece of fake news on his death bed. Fake, but enough to put his soul to rest in his final moments:

"And the last thing she said to him was "Donald Trump has been impeached." Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded."

Damn! She lied to him on his death bed? That deserves a haunting for sure! Or maybe God gave Mike's ex a peek into the future? One can only hope...
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I'm beginning to think Trump has put a secret goal ahead of himself, to set a new record in US history. A record of the fastest change of staff at the White House, and shortest terms of his top-ranking officials. That should be the only explanation for what happened with Anthony Scaramucci, who was first hired director of communications, a "step in the right direction" as the President said, and now is a gone less than a week later. Within a short period, Trump fired Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus (chief of staff), and now Scaramucci. This would have been just a source of puns and jokes on Colbert's show, if it didn't speak of a serious systematic problem with this administration. Despite assurances from the President himself, things are starting to look dramatic.

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It seems the Trump plan for US economic growth relies almost exclusively on corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy. A "let's put all our growth eggs in one basket and hope for the best" sort of approach. During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to create 25 million new jobs and generate an economy that trots along at a 4-6% annual growth rate. Apparently, neither Trump promise is going to happen any time soon*:

Forecast of weak economic growth raises big questions about Trump’s populist agenda

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Or it could be more about the fact that the third wave of recovery following the Carter bubble is taking a little long to come, hmm? Picking up international growth numbers might save us, but the rates were not corrected and there is a lot of money sloshing around. To prevent a recession might be rather difficult given the parameters and optimism that seems to be rather misplaced.

* That, and the fact that Trump's plan assumed that the RINO congress led by McConnell and Paul Ryan would be able to pass legislation, which it so far has been unable or unwilling to do.
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This comes very timely for the monthly topic.

"President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before agreeing to meet with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign, according to three advisers to the White House briefed on the meeting and two others with knowledge of it."

Well, there's no explaining this one away. Will Trump Jr take the fall for the entire Russian Scandal? Only time will tell.

But Putin and Trump pinkie-swore there was no collusion. So it must be all right.

If true, with Don Jr.'s "confession" that yeah, he thought he was going to get dirt on Hillary, and that they discussed sanctions Obama imposed on Russian individuals in 2014 that resulted in Russia rescinding an agreement with the US to adopt Russian children, then Don Jr., Manafort, and Kushner engaged in a "quid pro quo" discussion with a foreign government, which is the very definition of collusion. I guess someone must have mentioned that to Junior, since he immediately lawyered up.

I have a feeling that Trump will be responsible for a return to record high employment numbers, just as he claimed he would deliver during his campaign. Unfortunately, that will be due exclusively to all the staff and lawyers Robert Mueller will have to hire in order to investigate the Trump administration. ;-)
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If it isn't a brief jaunt to New Zealand your intrepid venturer found himself with a few week's worth of conferences in Europe. As a result, gentle readers, you must excuse the delay in the recordings of The Shambling Mound, lord mayor of the most important village on Earth. It is not as if the pace of shambling has decreased at all - indeed it is fair to say that it has become every more shambolic, as the lurching and heaving becomes even more destructive and chaotic. A normal rate of transmissions will return in due course. Meanwhile, an attempt will be made to cover recent events.

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Changes in Cuba policy could adversely impact Trump's hotel competitors

Details )

...So is Trump using his office to target competitors, or are the competitors just impacted by a decision that was not intended to target competitors, but increase sanctions in general?

The first would be criminal, but the second would only be political, if Trump's order was against Cuba alone and not intended to harm competition to his own business. I'm sure there will be plenty of answers for both reasons, depending on which side of the aisle you are on.

I'd say it smells more like a political move, but of course he'd have no hesitation to hurt his competitors in the meantime, either. I mean, Trump needs a win. He's been doing poorly lately and needs something. And what's better for him than to undo some stuff Obama did? Hoorah! Making America great again! His base eats that up. So this is something he can easily accomplish, move some headlines (and tweets) around, get people talking of something other than Russia. And hey, the fact that it hurts his competitors is a bonus.

So objectively I'd say he likely wasn't motivated to do this because it hurt his competitors, but he likely also just thinks of it as two birds one stone sort of thing. What say you?
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The Twittersphere is buzzing again! Trump has spoken! And what a word he has invented!

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Whatever their investment in Trump and monkey-wrenching the 2016 election was, the Russians are certainly getting more than their money's worth.

Now Germany (I repeat: GERMANY) is saying Europe can no longer rely on Trump's America.

If you thought GWB's tenure was the worst that could happen to America's relations with her allies, just take a look at this. 4 months. 4 months and relations with America's allies are as bad as they haven't been since WWII. Worse than ever in most cases. Meanwhile America's adversaries are pleased as punch.

Eventually the EU is likely to band together to oppose the US. And everyone will suffer because of it.

There are no good outcomes for either side at this point. All Americans will suffer because of those who were conned/indulged their hatreds and voted for Trump. Europe will suffer because it'll be weakened. And if Putin believes Russia won't suffer, he's a fool.

4 months.

Ps. Who elected the US "leader of the free world" anyway?

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