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Not sure if true, but if is, then WOW.

These Plans For A High-Tech UK Border Wall Might Even Be Dumber Than Trump's

"Plans formulated by a think tank for a high-tech border between the UK and Ireland have been met with derision, because essentially the plan is to have drones and airships patrol the border like we're living in a steampunk dystopian future. ... A proposed solution from the Legatum Institute is to deploy drones, airships, and hot air balloons to patrol the border at all times. They say that "persistent surveillance of the border region" could be achieved through a combination of these unmanned arial vehicles and aerostats (airships or hot air balloons)."

I don't know, maybe the "think" part in think-tank is not too appropriate in this case.
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Who would've thought that posing with an axe, or lying in the bath-tub covered in noodles, or against the background of dead animals would help you hook up with a partner? Seems like these Russian girls have found the way! They must've realized that there's a buyer for every commodity. Just imagine these buyers!

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The rightful heir of the iron missle!
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Our Friday nonsense installment features the teaching story of one Michael Elliott from Oregon, who received a piece of fake news on his death bed. Fake, but enough to put his soul to rest in his final moments:

"And the last thing she said to him was "Donald Trump has been impeached." Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded."

Damn! She lied to him on his death bed? That deserves a haunting for sure! Or maybe God gave Mike's ex a peek into the future? One can only hope...
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What other weird specimens could you tell us about, hmmm?

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...They go around and kill themselves.

Elon Musk may've become the umpteenth high-profile hi-tech celebrity futurist who has cried doom and gloom about the potential threat from AIs taking over the world and eradicating humankind on a whim...

...But apparently we're still a long way from there, as shown by the fate of this poor little R2D2 who somehow decided he had had enough, and plunged himself to a swift electrocution death in a water fountain in DC the other day.

Caution, the footage can be disturbing for the more robo-love inclined... )
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Today's portion of Friday nonsense features one Sequim, Washington resident who mowed the word AHOLE into their lawn so it could be viewed from space...

Oh, sweet neighbour relations...
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"If Earth is really turning to the East, shouldn't flying to the West be faster?" - A question I recently read around these Internets.

Reminds me of that Saudi cleric who said that if a plane stops in one place in the air, China would come on its own and there was no need to waste fuel for flights.

Tidal locking is a biach, yo. How the hell does that devilry work!?

So... if we are traveling in a train and I suddenly jump off my seat, would the person sitting in front of me crash into me, hmmm?
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Let us thank the gods of the mountains for their greatest creation of all, mullein (verbascum!)

Is there really a backpacker who hasn't felt the joy and relief from the gentle touch of these divine leaves? =)

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Modern teens are threatening the future of humankind with extinction, scientists and psychiatrists are warning, since the emergence of the new global mania, the so called fidget-spinners. The reason is that because they've occupied their hands with the little spinning gadgets, their sexual maturing is getting hindered.

A 97% decrease in masturbation rates is being observed among boys and girls 11-16 years of age, according to researchers. And it is the worthless spinning thingies that's the main culprit for that, because they are designed to soothe strained nerves. This, in a world where being a knot of nerves is the new norm, of course.

We are all doomed, you know )
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"When you meet a bear, cover yourself in shit so that the bear won't sense your presence".
"But where do I get so much shit from?"
"Oh, be sure there WILL be shit!"
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The Twittersphere is buzzing again! Trump has spoken! And what a word he has invented!

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Awww, that burn'd!

But that reminds me of all those weird hand-shakes Trump has made with world leaders over the last few months.

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Colorado: Hunter claims he was sexually assaulted by a sasquatch

Darrel Whitaker, from Glenwood Springs in Colorado, claims a sasquatch attacked him and attempted to rape him while he was walking in the woods.

When I regained consciousness, he had already torn my pants and was tearing through my underwear. I stabbed him in the shoulder with my hunting knife, and that made him run away.

Those damned horny Sasquatches and their damned huge hairy balls!
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Does it need any comment really?

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One thing can't be denied tho'. She'd DROP DEAD gorgeous! ;-D
I bet she was DYING to go to the prom.
And then she was the LIFE of the party. Right?
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Hey folks, Yakov Bondovich reporting! Let me see how good you are in detecting the un-Slavic spy! The test could prove a bit tough even for a Slav like myself, I didn't score 100% so let me see how well you'll do!

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Rally BEHIND her? I'm all for it!

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