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Hi there, folks! It's official. The day has come for the exodus. As announced here a couple weeks ago, Talk Politics will now be moving to DreamWidth, along with all its members, posts, comments and all activity. The new place is here:

Most of us are already on DW, and we'll be ceasing all activity on LJ and moving there completely from now on. Those who haven't registered to DW can do it HERE.

There's also a very simple way to import all your LJ to DW.

It's been 8 and a half years since the inception of this community. Now, 22 months, 7,425 posts and more than half a million comments later, we'll be coming to our new home. Greener pastures await! And it'll all be fun'n'joy, no doubt! :)

I hope you'll re-join us there, and we'll all keep having these awesome political discussions of ours!

The staff
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Hey folks! We've talked about this before, but now it's official. You certainly know what happened to LJ: a while ago they came up with some new terms of use, which many agree marked the final stage of the death of LJ.

So here's the thing. As many folks have migrated to Dreamwidth, we figured it's time we did too. It's time we switched places, and moved to DW. So I'm now inviting those of you who still haven't created their DW accounts to do it in the following weeks. It's a platform very similar to LJ, very intuitive to use; and the best thing is, it's got a system of direct synchronisation of your LJ accounts with your new DW ones, within a couple of clicks away. You don't need to cross-post anything, just follow a few short steps to move your entire LJ contents to DW, including posts, usericons, tags, comments, communities, friendlists, etc. Everything.

Here's the Talk_Politics community on Dreamwidth:


So far we've been occasionally synchronising it with LJ (manually), but starting from July 1, we'll be all posting and commenting there instead of here. The idea is to move all activity to Dreamwidth starting from the first day of July. And of course, you're all invited! :)
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While the community has been able to handle racist trolls in the past, some recent comments required the clarification of what is and isn't tolerable speech.

14) People are welcome to discuss issues surrounding race, ethnicity, gender and sex. However, racist, xenophobic, sexist, or homophobic remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial, gender or sexual stereotyping and abusive remarks intended to humiliate individuals or groups of people. Trying to stir up hatred of this sort is your shortest path to being banned.

To be clear, this is not a rule designed to crush dissent or discourage unpopular speech, but rather to make it clear that remarks intended to insult rather than illuminate, to deride rather than discuss, are not tolerable in these areas.

Is there some grey area here? Probably, but as bright a line as possible has been shown to be necessary, so we chose to take it. Discussion is, of course, welcome, but know that we did take all concerns on both sides of the coin into account in crafting this.

As always, thanks for continuing to make talk_politics one of the best places for political discussion on LiveJournal. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season.
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First of all, let me congratulate everybody in our modest comm for passing the remarkable #5000 post milestone: riiiiight here!

WHOAH! Let's bring the cake!!!

Now straight to the topic.

Millions of people throughout the former Soviet bloc who had grown up with the most popular Soviet cartoon, "Nu, Pogodi!" (You just wait!*) were shocked when they learned that the Russian state was planning to ban the airing of the legendary kids movie at any time before 11pm, and dub it an "adult movie" from now on. Why? Because the Bad Wolf in the movie is smoking a cigarette. And there's a new law in Russia that says children shouldn't be exposed to bad influence on the TV, like, seeing bad wolves smoking.

Another fave cartoon character for generations, Gena the Crocodile, was also threatened to fall prey to the PC police, because he was regularly seen blowing smoke circles from his pipe.

What's worse about the "Nu, Pogodi!" movie was that the Bad Wolf was also "behaving badly with ladies". It's true, though - as you can see from the footage, there's ample evidence that he's behaving badly with everybody, but most of all with the good nice Rabbit. The protagonist in the series.

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And that's where the Russian folk had enough of all this dictatorship!!! )

And to make this more Friday-ey... My task to you folks, should you take the challenge, is to find me your fave cartoons (and comics?) that have pushed the limits of Political Correctness. READY, STEADY, GO!
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LiveJournal actually did something right for the first time in years!

1) First, we can now schedule entries. This is something that I've been hoping to see for years, but it works in communities, too - you can write an entry on Wednesday, as I'm doing now, and set the date in the entry window to a later time and/or date, and it will automatically post for you at the time you request. So if you have a lot to say and want to spread it out over a few days, feel free to use the scheduling tool.

2) LiveJournal has a new feature that I believe is better than the LJ cut - the spoiler tag. You can see it in use in this post from earlier this week - it's like an LJ cut, but uses Javascript to expand/contract as opposed to it being a whole link. While it's meant to hide spoilers, it actually feels more useful than the LJ cut. No one's going to stop you from using an LJ cut if that's what you're comfortable with, but definitely consider this one. Instructions on the spoiler tag can be found here.

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Hey folks! As the old Special Mod Thread (you know, that place where you could go to file complaints and/or offer feedback to the community staff) has already become more than 2 years old and pretty clumsy, here's a new, fresh one!

Basically, as most of you may already know, this thread will be exclusively used for reporting and discussing all current breaches of the Rules of the Community (displayed on the community profile), as well as any possible staff decisions. A link to this thread will be displayed on the community's links sidebar.

You may feel free to report anything that you consider disruptive to the debate on talk_politics, or propose relevant actions by the moderators, or approve or protest about actions taken, or just give any opinions on staff decisions, the Rules themselves, or the community in general.

The screening policy on the Mod Thread )

Once again, we encourage the members to use this Mod Thread, or the private-message LJ function, whenever they have to share their opinion on issues concerning the community, or report violations of the Rules that we may have missed.

How the cards system works )

Thank you.
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So basically LiveJournal broke everything overnight and so comment pages might not work for you the way you're used to, up to and including subject lines and icon choices.

Just an FYI - I did unilaterally set the community to enable customized comment pages for the time being so some functionality will return to some people, but until someone comes up with a style sheet or something to fix this, or LJ actually listens to its userbase for once in its Russian existence, things might be a little broken. Just don't blame us.

As you were!
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First of all, let's all give one huge collective salute to our newest, and tenth, mod, [livejournal.com profile] nairiporter! 10 is a good round number, innit? See, Nairi is a teacher. Elementary school teacher, at that! PERFECT. Sooo, we figured we better finally have someone who'd slap us across the wrists whenever we got too silly. Nuh uh huh. I said that word.

Speaking of which, silly animals galore! Africa is so full of them. Giraffes, rhinos, big cats, buffalos, springboks YOU NAME IT!!

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I'll actually ask this here.

So can someone please tell me what in the world is going on? Passions have been flaring here since yesterday. Slow news day or what!?
You're really really not making this easy for us, guys. I hate being the bad guy for no reason, but Hell is my witness, along with all the witches and goblins in there, we'll do whatever it takes to extinguish these flames. We have to. You have to realize that actions do have consequences.

My question is this. ARE YOU actually capable of talking like adults to each other, or not?

To make my case more eloquently, here's a pic for y'all.

Chill, folks! You can't convert everybody on the Internet into your Sacred Truth!
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Hey folks. For some reason we're experiencing an issue where random posts are requiring approval from the mods before they can be posted. It could be it's a new "feature" that I'm not aware of, no coffee yet this morning so I'm not at my sharpest.

We are looking into the problem so if it happens to you don't take it personally. You haven't been screened out of TP or anything, it's just more dumbassery from LJ, apparently. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Hi all. I'm sorry that i'm going to diverge from the talking-politics(TM) and occupy you with this again, but i think its a matter that needs to be addressed, and this time properly. I'm afraid last time we didnt exhaust the issue as we should and problems remained between members; unfortunately, the two guys who should've been most inolved in the discussion (Mahnmut and myself) were away and offline for a few days, and that - in the most inappropriate time, but now that we're having quite a decent (if a bit irregular) access to the webs, this time we can do this properly. I'll try to be as concise as possible. Its a matter that should be settled once and for all. So here's what.

This is a statement from both Abomvubuso and Mahnmut, part of the Talk Politics staff.


[edit] Effective from today, and for the duration of one month, Mahnmut and Abomvubuso have been stripped of their mod powers and blocked from writing posts on Talk Politics.
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Nothing like a little drama to spice the place up, eh?

Without rehashing a lot of the craziness of the last day or so, to keep people up to date, it was brought to the mod team's attention yesterday that there were some issues of plagiarism in the community. I'm not going to name those names here, but the people involved know who they are. This is not the first time it's come up, for sure, but the first time it was truly credible and was dealt with, from my otherwise uninvolved position, appropriately.

With that said, plagiarism is a problem. Intellectual dishonesty aside, we also run into a LiveJournal terms of service issue:

LiveJournal falls under the DMCA Safe Harbor Agreement and cannot control, or be held responsible or liable, for any of the Content that appears on the Service. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, LiveJournal imposes certain guidelines to promote the safety and security of all of its users. By using the Service, you hereby agree to comply with the following guidelines for posting Content on the Service. Failure to comply with the guidelines set forth below may result in flagging or restricting access to any and all Content posted to the Service, deletion of said Content, and/or suspension of your Account without further notice:

Offensive and Inappropriate Content: Should any Content that you have posted be reported to LiveJournal as being offensive or inappropriate, LiveJournal has the right to flag, restrict access, or delete said Content at any time without prior notice. In addition, LiveJournal might call upon you to retract, modify, or protect (by means of privacy settings) the Content in question within a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the LiveJournal staff. Should you fail to meet such a request, LiveJournal may flag, restrict access, delete said Content, or terminate your Account at its sole discretion without assuming control, responsibility, or liability for the Content posted on the Service under the terms of the DMCA Safe Harbor Agreement. Should Content be reported to LiveJournal as containing full nudity, violence, obscenity, gang-related Content, hate-based Content based on racial, ethnic, gender, transgender, disability, or sexual orientation, harassment of other users, endangerment to minors, incitation to violence or criminal activity, violation of another person’s intellectual property rights, or Content that is otherwise offensive or inappropriate under the TOS, LiveJournal reserves the right to flag, restrict access, and/or delete said Content and/or suspend your Account at any time without notice;

tl;dr: plagiarism can be serious business.

So, with this in mind, we are adding to our stable of rules somewhat:

11. Plagiarism cannot be tolerated in the community, as it violates Section XIII of the Terms of Service and could put the community or its users at risk. Please cite what you quote from, as any sort of infringement of this nature will have to be deleted on sight.

This rule does not exist because we want it to, but because, after significant discussion amongst the mod team, we don't feel we have a choice. While no one from LiveJournal or from any other place has approached us regarding copyright infringement, DMCA violations, theft, or otherwise, we'd rather not have to deal with it at all. We don't want the community to be suspended, we don't want any of our posters being suspended, and we don't want to put those commenting on plagiarized entries at risk. I assume everyone here feels the same way.

Now: if you run into issues, if you notice some crazy copypasta, the mods will deal with it. Remember: we have a special dedicated post that all of us track and monitor regularly, so if there's an issue, take it there - don't rely on PMs to mods you prefer, as they may not be available, and none of us are going to ignore certain posts based on personalities or other issues - we all keep each other in check, and we're all looking to make sure talk_politics remains the best place on LJ to discuss political issues of all kinds.

Finally, in the event you saw a post today that was quickly removed, please note that personal offensive references in postings are frowned upon here. We're glad to have discussions about our behavior, about community issues, and about anything else that comes along, but the way to do it is not to come out with guns blazing in a blindside. I'm sure we all agree that such posts aren't productive, and if there are issues regarding what was discussed in that post, this is absolutely the proper place to air those issues.

I got a little long-winded, but this issue was serious enough to warrant some significant discussion. Our door is always open, and thanks for continuing to be awesome people.
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Hi! Of course most of you guys already know that, but, starting Monday, May 9, our little community here will be featured on LJ Spotlight for a week. We've already got some experience with this, as we've been on Spotlight before (about a year ago), but still, i'd like to remind everybody what this means. Being on Spotlight most certainly means that we'll be joined by some new friends around here, new guys who'll add their unique perspective on the political discourse, as well as new ideas and insights. Thats ultimately the purpose of this exercise. Meanwhile, it may also bring some temporary changes to the general dynamics of the place.

So i'd like to ask you all "T_P veterans" in advance, to show some tolerance and patience towards the new guys. Chances are that some of them might not be very familiar with how things are "done" here (whatever that means). Chances are that some may occasionally do something "wrong", maybe cause a bit of a stir, or drama, etc. Thats normal, and i believe that, with some good faith and a little effort from all, we'll turn this on its good side. All we're asking is that you give them some credit and allow the T_P staff to do their job as usual. I believe we've shown that we're capable of doing that, for the most part. I trust that together, we'll show what T_P is really about. I thank you in advance, and hope we've got a cool week ahead! So, cheers!

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Hey y'all! I know, i know. Passions are flowing. Bin Laden being dead and all, the previous Pope half-saint now, Kate & Wills becoming duke & dutchess of Cambridge (WTF does that even mean?) (not in that particular order), and Obama now being officially born in Hawaii. Wow. What a week. What a month, actually![Poll #1737257]
(Feel free to suggest more).

And finally
, here's the place to announce yet another great news. Last week we said O, Hai to our new mod Bruce. Now i'm honoured to present to you... [livejournal.com profile] sealwhiskers! Its awesome to have a sea mammal on the team! Give high-five to our new overlord or you won't get any fishies! :D

High 5! )
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OK, first an announcement! With great pleasure, we'd like to introduce to you the new, 8th mod of this very fine community. The coolest of cool guys around, the epitome of coolness, Bruce aka [livejournal.com profile] brucenstein! HEEP-HEEP-HOORAY!

*kneeling before our new overlord*


Speaking of royal shit, let's get to the point already:

[Error: unknown template video]

Nonsense, commence!
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I see it popping up all over the place now, and I just figured I'd fill y'all in:

LJ has instituted a new policy to deal with the Russian spam attacks - there's apparently an internal whitelist for URLs, and if a comment has a link that is not part of that internal whitelist, the comment is immediately screened and needs to be reviewed by a moderator in order to be seen by the general community.

The bad news is that in a discussion community such as this, links will come from all sorts of places that might not make the whitelist. The good news is that LJ has offered community and journal owners the ability to turn off this feature entirely. We've done so here, so if you're in other communities and seeing your comments get screened as spam, it should no longer happen here. If, for whatever reason, your comment is getting screened based on this, let us know at the special reporting thread and we'll be glad to deal with it.

Thanks again for making this the go-to spot for solid political discussion on LJ!
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Just for the purposes of the DailyQuotes list™, here's the 2nd installment of funny/silly/thoughtful quotes (2nd quarter of 2011).

The criteria are very clear ambiguous/arbitrary: whenever someone makes a spontaneous remark that inspires others to either have a laugh or go into deep contemplation, chances are it'll get in here, and will be also featured on the community sidebar.

The Dailyquote list for the 2nd quarter of 2011 starts behind the cut (with links)...

Daily Quotes 2011 - 2nd quarter )
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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Now, since our regular Dailyquote editor seems to be a bit away for a while, let me take the nice task of starting the new collection of Dailyquotes™ (1st quarter of 2011).

As has been said before, there are no strict criteria for getting on the list. Whenever someone makes a spontaneous remark that inspires others to either have a laugh or go into deep contemplation, chances are it'll get in here, and will be also featured on the community sidebar.

Daily Quotes 2011 - 1st quarter )
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Here it is, the Friday Lulz! But first (as has become a habit lately), announcement time!

Dirty half-dozen, you say? Now what about Blake's Seven? (I'm Gan. Definit'ly).

So here it is: the latest, and last addition to the crazy mod-squad that runs the asylum. I give you...

[livejournal.com profile] geezer_also !!!

"I consider myself a Reactionary Right Wing Fundie, but most of my friends think I'm too liberal (especially my wife)" (his words).

Really. What better description would you possibly get to the question "Hunh!? Who the hell is that?"

He Iz Da One! )

Now back to Teh' Lulz, yo. Having picked up a ton of bruises, scars, plus a black-eye after a regular rugby sparring in the neighbourhood during the week (yup, dear; rugby... i.e. the real thing), i thought, Hm, that could actually be fun to watch from the sidelines, when you think about it? I guess the few chicks who watched the game, were cheering because they, too, like seeing blood spilling around the place, eh. Indeed, rugby could be rather amusing at times: just watch these poor things struggle to keep the egg ball...

[Error: unknown template video]

Your turn, wackos.

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