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Here are a few competing standpoints on that infamous "liberal mosque" in Berlin... First, the context:

"Critical institutions in the Islamic world condemn a new liberal mosque in Berlin. As was announced on Wednesday, the Turkish religious authority Diyanet declared that the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin-Moabit "disregards the principles of our sublime religion". The aim was to "undermine and destroy the Islamic religion"."


There's your liberal Islam - not a snowball's chance in hell. When will the Islamophiles accept that this violent, misogynist (not to mention homophobic) ideology cannot be reformed? They have already been threatened with murder, according to an earlier article in Die Welt. Because, you know, that's normal when you disagree*, that you threaten to kill your opposition. No wait, only savages do that. **

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This story is weird on so many levels... Really, what does the right-wing hate more right now, gays or Muslims? And what does the left love more? Decisions, decisions...

Sweden far-right plans gay parade in mainly Muslim area
Anti-racist group plans counter-rally against "provocative" parade condemned by Stockholm Pride and LGBT activists.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] debunkgpolitics at Assume Both Articles are Correct
A “take over” could mean the end of Sharia law, radical Islamic terrorism, and other religions in England, According to Communists, God does not exist. Therefore, either all religious institutions would be forced to close or register with the State. If they register, then what is preached within their walls would require pre-approval from the State, as with China and Russia. Islamic terrorists who justify their unacceptable behavior in the name of their God could be punished for exercising their religious beliefs, which could discourage future tragedies.
How the Mayor of London, practicing Muslim, and Labour Party member Sadiq Khan maintains his religious and political allegiances would be interesting.from

One article is from The Economist 5-13-2017 (52). The other article is from The Economist 6-3-2017 (50-51).
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What could possibly go wrong?

LONDONABAD, Britannistan. Prime Minister Theresa May has come up with an amazingly ingenuous proposal for solving the rising terror problem that Mother Britannia is having these days. She is preparing a draft of a bill that would enforce Sharia law across the UK.

Her rationale: if people were following strict Islamic law, they wouldn't have anything to be afraid of, since Allah keeps pious Muslims safe from harm, right? And that would also remove a major point of justification for the terrorists' actions (we're currently infidels so we need to be exterminated).

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Monkey attack in Libya sparks tribal clashes that kill more than a dozen
Three men turn a pet monkey loose on a schoolgirl, prompting retaliation that escalates into use of tanks and mortars

It's really sad, I knew that "monkey", and to hear of him simply being categorized as the "Monkey" does him a disservice. Sure Bonzo had trouble with authority, but which Monkey does not? Unlike his [Muslim] tribal neighbors Bonzo was bright and articulate, being able to count past ten and fluent in both Arabic and Gibbon, though to be honest both languages sound like they have a common derivative.

Bonzo was a most productive member of his community, in fact too productive unlike his male tribal counterparts - which is the real reason I believe for Bonzo's cruel fate. Good-bye Bonzo, you were far too good for your society! And it's such an advanced society with such an impressive culture, dominated by such a peaceful religion.

I bet the Colonel is currently laughing his ass out down there in the comfy boiling cauldron in Hell.
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What's a burqa, and does it have a place in our place? That's the question that a number of European societies have been pondering about for some time. In Germany for example, some province ministers of the interior have decided to ban the controversial headgear as part of the measures to counter Islamic radicalization. Other countries already have some experience in that respect, most acting on a regional principle, some at a national level.

In France, the ban on niqabs, burqas and all such paraphernalia has been in place since 2011. The penalty fee is 150 euros. So far, about 2000 such fines have been imposed, and one Algerian entrepreneur even boasts with the fact that he has personally paid more than half of those.

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Men who masturbate ‘will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,’ Muslim televangelist claims in bizarre rant

First off, Muslim televangelist is a thing!? Wasn't television supposed to be Satan's creation? Hmmmm...

Urging viewers to "resist Satan’s temptations", he told the questioner: "Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights.

I wonder why he didn't mention anything about pillows. Or socks and pocket pussies. Interesting.
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I recently talked with a friend of mine who's a Lebanon-born Christian. We were watching an Egyptian movie from the 60s, the golden age of Arab cinema. You may ask, what does this have to do with the terror attacks in Paris, Sinai, Beirut, Ankara, Iraq and Yemen? Well, do bear with me.

The movie was about a group of holiday-makers, several family couples who had a dispute of some sorts, so they decided to play a football match, men vs women, and whichever side lost would be temporary servants to the other. Somehow the women won the game, and for some time their men had to do the cleaning, laundry, etc. The story may sound naive, and it certainly doesn't sound like an Arab movie. If we look at the films, books, photos, magazines and newspapers from the 50s and 60s (and partly the 70s) that came from countries like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, we'd be shocked how they looked like. You'd wonder how come the Arab world has transformed so radically for the last few decades. You'd never see a woman with a hijab in those old movies. Chances are, you'd even see some nudity on screen. Cairo was the Arab Hollywood back then, and Beirut the Paris of the East. So how did that all change, and why?

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First, there was that "clock kid" who's suing his school for $15m after being detained for bringing a homemade clock to class that was mistaken for a bomb. And now there's the expected backlash. Predictable like the tides, Mr O'Reilly...

Armed anti-Muslim protesters stage ‘strange’ protest outside mosque in clock kid’s hometown

It's hard to look at this group of protesters and their supporters and see anything redeeming about them. If some armed group was protesting outside a church during services, these guys would be furious.

Not entirely sure how people praying inside of a private building that they own is them "shoving their beliefs down our throats", but it I guess it wouldn't be a redneck party without at least a few idiots spewing meaningless platitudes.

Like seriously, I'm so sick of Indian food being shoved down my throat. I don't actually ever eat it, and no one's ever forced me to eat it, but there's like two or three Indian restaurants in my town now. I'm sick and tired of the Indianization of my country's dining options. WHY CAN'T THERE ONLY BE THINGS THAT ARE FAMILIAR TO ME IN MY TOWN?! I ONLY LIKE THINGS THAT I LIKE AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH!

Seriously. Stunts like this are the reason that everyone who doesn't firmly buy into the far-right mentality already, simply writes off everyone who does. The claim that they aren't bigots, then do shit like this - this smacks of blatant hypocrisy. How are these people any different from the ones who attacked Chinese immigrants in the late 19th century, or the Protestants that marginalized and ridiculed the Catholic Irish immigrants before that?

Cue the "freedom of expression" whiteknights now. I'm sure they'll find half a dozen ways to bullshit the hell out of this.
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Looks like a camel, thinks like a camel, and might even smell like one...

Behold! The amazing insight about the intricate workings of the universe... of a towel-wearing know-it-all, who's been so rarely kind to deign his wisdom upon the deluded infidels.

Watch: Saudi cleric tells students 'Earth does not rotate'

"Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari, a Saudi cleric, mocked on social media for claims about Earth's rotation made at lecture on anniversary of Galileo's birth."

But don't take my word for it:

[Error: unknown template video]

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Goodluck Road, the, well, road of luck (obviously) in Maryland town Lanham, is now hosting the dome and two minarets of a brand new mosque. It's part of a gargantuan project financed by the Turkish government that has caused a lot of debates lately. The massive construction site is now entering its finishing stages, Turkey has shipped over specialists in Oriental craftsmanship who'll be adding the final decorative elements carved from marble and wood. Those materials also come from beyond the big sea. Although a lot of work has been put behind already, there's still a lot to be done on the 15 acre plot. A dozen more buildings should be built there until October when the official inauguration is scheduled. All of them, part of a new Turkish American Community Center which is to be situated about 20 km away from DC. Turkish PM Erdogan is expected to personally attend the ceremony.

That's been the biggest public Muslim project in the US so far. Nowhere else has such a massive Turkish religious project been carried out, and the organizers of this enterprise are not hiding their pride with their accomplishment, and their hopes that it'll help them "show America the modern face of Turkish Islam".

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On the upper levels, we have TV personalities openly embracing violently racist organizations.

Brian Kilmeade: Well Tommy, we got your back, and we'll definitely look to keep in touch and I really think it's a very -- it's great what you're doing.

What the English Defense League has done includes members violently storming an anti-racist gathering in Yorkshire, and attacking journalists. They're also fond of weapons.

And we have rank and file Americans openly cheering the destruction of a house of worship.

Sabina Mohyudden: In 2007 a mosque was burned down in Columbia Tennessee....


In the past, when I've posted here about the role propaganda plays in fomenting these attitudes, I've frequently been challenged to "prove it," to present some evidence that there is a link between violent, dehumanizing language and violent, dehumanizing actions. Back in 2007, I attempted exactly that, posting a piece to several websites that systematically explained and offered examples of what I meant.

Recently I updated it a bit. If you want to see me explain exactly how this kind of language works, click on the link below. It's a long piece, but providing that evidence so many of you keep demanding does require time and effort on my part.

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As an incurable bleeding-heart, I’m always on the lookout for someone suffering, and that includes people with whom I disagree. The sight of human pain should cause us all to put aside our differences. Megyn Kelly is suffering right here, on national television.

She’s thrown this Fox News Alert about presumably explosive remarks from Attorney General Eric Holder. “About the Boston bombings – which are already – making news,” she says haltingly, either reading from a teleprompter or repeating what’s coming through her earphone. “This is just coming in, we’re trying to turn the tape from you so you can hear it from the man himself,” she adds, rather hopefully.

Alas, the tape just can’t be “turned,” so Kelly is forced to tell us herself what Holder said.

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Imagine a young, good-looking blonde lady, wearing leather boots, shorties, gloves, and... nothing else. In her hands she's gripping a chainsaw, trying to cut a large wooden cross in half. In this hard task she is aided by two other blondes who, with stone-cold, determined expressions, are pulling the Crucifixion with ropes.

(Article contains NSFW video:) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/17/pussy-riot-trial-femen_n_1798009.html

Nope, contrary to your first guess, this isn't some scene from a low budget porn movie. It's a staged protest of the (in)famous Ukrainian activist movement Femen. This was their way of expressing their support for the Russian girl punk group Pussy Riot who last year were sentenced by a Moscow court on charges of blasphemy. And also their protest against religious prejudice against women.

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In the latest news from the greasy chicken wing of the South, Tennessee lawmakers show that they don't know what a mop sink is.


Indeed these brave Crusaders for all that is right and holy raised a furious stink about creeping Sharia Law in the same state where the local Republican Party doesn't like the First Amendment and there have been attempts to ban gay people.

So far there have been no reports of the evil overlords of the Cafeterias and the speed bumps, but I'm sure that day is coming.
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So says the man just convicted for setting fire to a mosque.

The man was apparently drunk when he did it, but he doesn't seem very remorseful now that he's sober.

'Muslims are killing Americans and trying to blow stuff up,' Linn also reportedly told the judge. 'Most Muslims are terrorists and don’t believe in Jesus Christ.'

How does he know this? Fox News and Talk Radio.

How much longer are people going to cling to the fiction -- supposedly put to rest in the 20th century -- that there is no connection between violent language aimed at unpopular groups and violent acts committed against those groups?

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Why is the figure of the prophet Muhammad who lived in the 7th century still so important and why does his life define the life of Muslims throughout the world in the 21st century to such an extent? And why are they so sensitive to everything that's even remotely related to him? Many of us might've asked themselves these questions.

First off, the followers of the prophet don't call themselves Muhammedans, they call themselves Muslims. And that's because Muhammad is not a god but just a prophet - one among many. And still, to every act that they interpret as an insult to Muhammad, they react in a way that many people from other religions would deem unacceptable, even if their own religious feelings do get hurt occasionally.

There's a huge set of examples for this - from The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie to the outcry about the Muhammad cartoons, to the Pakistani law against blasphemy, which is practically used for persecuting religious minorities. The recent attacks on the US embassy in Cairo, the assassination of the US ambassador in Libya and the protests and flag burning throughout the Muslim world are examples of such reactions on a massive scale. Because here we're not talking of Muhammad the historic person, but rather his image that the people of the Muslim faith have created for themselves.

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After the so-called Six Day War in 1967, the Lebanese intellectual Salah al-Munajjid wrote a treatise called The Pillars of Disaster. A text full of panic and despair. The Arabs, particularly those in Egypt and Syria, had suffered a devastating defeat by the tiny state of Israel, their armies utterly destroyed within less than a week. Munajjid was accusing his compatriots for the disaster, blaming it on their flirting with Arab nationalism, which had obviously been severely punished by the enemy. The only solution to the problem would be reverting to authentic Islam, he argued, and getting back to traditional piety and devout faith, which would guarantee new strength to the Arabs.

What has happened since then )
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Having had a lot of spare hours at the nursery in recent days, I figured I could fill that time with something useful. In my attempt to maintain some decent level of knowledge in Turkish, I just finished reading a book that caused a lot of controversy a few years ago, and which made me thinking:


The picture you see here depicts three important pre-Islamic female deities that were very revered in Mecca before the time of Muhammad: el-Lat, el-Uzza and Manat. Nedim Gürsel made them the protagonists of his book, telling the story of the creation of Islam from a slightly different perspective. But he did something much more "blasphemous": he was the first Turkish author who dared to make the prophet Muhammad the protagonist in a fiction book as well. And, no surprise, this angered lots of Muslims, who believe he has insulted their faith.

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Whether this escalates or continues along with the "mere" harassment of Muslims, (maybe a murder or two -- no biggie, right?) or a few more bombings, my point about the exploitation of Islamophobia by the Republicans remains. It's at its current pitch because the bigots are getting validation from people in high places, who consider whipping up this kind of hatred politically expedient.

Hey guys, remember this?

I posted it a couple of years ago in the course of a discussion of the harassment of Muslims in Murfreesbro Tennessee.

Well, it’s been a couple of years, and today Salon has a very interesting piece up. Some of you may have noticed that attacks on places of worship have been in the news lately, what with that guy busting into a Sikh temple and killing several people, the fellow who fired his pellet gun at a Chicago area mosque, narrowly missing a security guard, and shortly after that, not to far away the person who flung a homemade bomb at an Islamic school during prayers. Then there are the ladies who threw pig parts into a Mosque driveway during a service. And of course, there’s the Mosque in Joplin Missouri that was recently burned down entirely:

From Salon: According to FBI data, hate crimes against Muslims might be rising. The rate of anti-Muslim crimes fell from nearly 500 in 2001 to 107 in 2009. But in 2010 (the latest year for which the FBI has data) the total number of hate crimes jumped 50 percent to 160.

A few of you, I recall wanted statistics back in 2010. I predicted that when they were finally compiled, they would show a rather dramatic uptick in anti-Muslim incidents. Apparently, believing one’s own eyes and ears isn’t as unreliable as some would like to believe.

But wait, there’s more! The Salon piece points out the increasingly incendiary use of anti-Islamic rhetoric by authority figures, in particular Illinois’ own Joe Walsh.

“It’s a real threat,” Walsh said at a town hall meeting in Elk Grove Village, Ill. “And it’s a threat that is much more at home now than it was right after 9/11.”

“It’s here,” he continued, referring to “radical Islam” in the suburbs of Chicago. “It’s in Elk Grove, it’s in Addison, it’s in Elgin. It’s here.”

Does anybody here still think that there’s not been a rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes? That rhetoric from people like Joe Walsh, Michelle Bachmann, etc, are not feeding the flames?

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