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When Germans collectively believed because Trotsky, Luxemburg, and Eisner showed a 'Judaeo-Bolshevik' conspiracy of all Jews being collaborators with the murderous Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, this is what that 'traditional retaliation' became:

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Should we condemn growing beyond the savage and gruesome methods our ancestors took for granted and that lead people who've lost their homes to a civil war where the very states that condemn them (looking hard at YOU MY OWN COUNTRY AND FRANCE) bomb them and then wonder why they're fleeing in the first place? 

I say not. Europeans evolved, Europeans learned. The Russians haven't, because their society is an army with a country, and the USA forgot that it once hated soldiers to cheer every time a multi-million dollar bomb blows up a shepherd and his wives. I don't want the last, best hope of Western civilization to wither on the vine when it has the chance to remain the redemption of the good within the Western bloodbath and to keep the ideals alive. The world without them has all the same problems but is starker and crueler and colder in ways to meet them.

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A secret automobile cartel between Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler has been alleged by a recent report that's threatening to engulf these companies in a huge scandal. The German car manufacturers conspired for two decades to have a unified policy in all areas of future development: from their diesel and gas engines, to brake systems, to the gear-box, etc. It is alleged that they secretly coordinated between themselves about which suppliers they would use, what the price of the car parts they produced would be, the way they would process the waste gases from the diesel engines, and the prices of their new car models.

The scandal could possibly turn out to be related to the earlier one about the diesel engines, if the investigation finds out that there were also secret agreements about using too small AdBlue carbamide tanks. The substance has the capability to extract nitrate oxides from waste gases. If all allegations are proven right, that would mean there was indeed a cartel agreement that helped these corporations artificially maintain high prices for the customers, and low prices for their sub-contractors.

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Here are a few competing standpoints on that infamous "liberal mosque" in Berlin... First, the context:

"Critical institutions in the Islamic world condemn a new liberal mosque in Berlin. As was announced on Wednesday, the Turkish religious authority Diyanet declared that the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin-Moabit "disregards the principles of our sublime religion". The aim was to "undermine and destroy the Islamic religion"."


There's your liberal Islam - not a snowball's chance in hell. When will the Islamophiles accept that this violent, misogynist (not to mention homophobic) ideology cannot be reformed? They have already been threatened with murder, according to an earlier article in Die Welt. Because, you know, that's normal when you disagree*, that you threaten to kill your opposition. No wait, only savages do that. **

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Whatever their investment in Trump and monkey-wrenching the 2016 election was, the Russians are certainly getting more than their money's worth.

Now Germany (I repeat: GERMANY) is saying Europe can no longer rely on Trump's America.

If you thought GWB's tenure was the worst that could happen to America's relations with her allies, just take a look at this. 4 months. 4 months and relations with America's allies are as bad as they haven't been since WWII. Worse than ever in most cases. Meanwhile America's adversaries are pleased as punch.

Eventually the EU is likely to band together to oppose the US. And everyone will suffer because of it.

There are no good outcomes for either side at this point. All Americans will suffer because of those who were conned/indulged their hatreds and voted for Trump. Europe will suffer because it'll be weakened. And if Putin believes Russia won't suffer, he's a fool.

4 months.

Ps. Who elected the US "leader of the free world" anyway?
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Donald Trump says Germany owes US and Nato 'vast sums of money' for defence

What a pile of utter bullshit. Especially given the fact that 90% of all NATO actions in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world have been in direct defense of US interests (oil, gas, gold, trade routes and markets, disobedient foreign leaders, etc etc). So who owes what to whom, actually?

Besides, the requirement to invest 2% of the GDP for defense was introduced just a couple of years ago - how could anyone have accumulated "lots of debt" for that time? Especially a country like Germany, who's been among those who've kept their discipline as per that requirement, and have consistently complied with it? Germany has contributed to NATO in every way possible, they've been at the front line countering one of the greatest geopolitical dangers for the West, Putin's Russia (well, not so dangerous according to their Manchurian candidate, Trump and his associates). Not to mention dealing with the influx of refugees, which the US has refused to contribute to.

And finally, how are you going to make America "great" again by alienating all your allies? Look, if America so much insists to succumb to self-isolation, I'm sure other countries are going to take the responsibility and fill that void if it comes to that. And Germany would be somewhere around the top of that list. It's hard times like these where real friends become apparent, and under Trump, America is failing big time.

I don't know how tolerant that US public has become to "alternative facts" for the two months since this moron's inauguration, but the rest of the world is quickly losing patience already.
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Germany leads fightback against fake news

The article cites a Breitbart "report" about a fictitious mob attack on a German church that never happened. And there's of course Trump's claims about an incident in Sweden that didn't happen when he said it did (well, something did happen a couple days later, but that's an entirely different story).

The point here is about fake news, and deliberate lies in the media that are designed to serve an agenda. As the job of the paid Internet troll and fake news creator has flourished in recent times, I expect another job, that of the impartial (?) fact-checker to take its due place on the scene as well.

As for Germany, the bigger problem there might not be so much the amount of BS conveyed via Facebook, but more the (self?)-censorship in the main news outlets when it comes to reporting on issues that directly affect society, but are outside that imaginary (and arbitrary?) line of acceptable, politically correct subjects. Ignoring those topics is not helping tackle the important issues of the day in any way, it just sweeps them under the rug and postpones the process of addressing them to a later point in time, thus potentially making them worse (the migration topic is a fine example there). Fake news are spreading because the media is losing credibility, fast.

There's an argument that freedom of speech must include the freedom to "lie." For one man's "lies" are another man's truths. If you disagree with a claim that is made, you are free to challenge and debate it in the open, thereby exercising one's own freedom of speech as well. But silencing and censoring "lies" is a very slippery slope. Indeed, who decides what is a lie and what is not? This comes dangerously close to thought policing.

On the other hand, lies are lies and fake news is fake news and in the case of invented facts, it's all a lie and fake news, period. Truth does not come in the form of a multiple choice answer. Interpretation of the facts, on the other hand...

So what say you? Where do you stand on this?
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Europe's biggest metal event started yesterday in North Germany. Wacken Open Air will last for 3 days and will feature a pleiad of performers, some of the top rock and metal acts of the modern scene among them.

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The lower chamber of the German parliament is expected to vote on a new bill that would expand the legal definition of what constitutes rape, to make it include cases of just saying "No", like it is in most of the rest of the developed world.

It has become patently obvious in recent months that this is urgently necessary, because the wave of rapes that had been swept under the rug for a while, has surfaced in its full horrific picture now in Germany. The conlusion sticks out that there must be some deeper problem there that must have a lot to do with the very definition of rape in Germany.

Many believe Germany has lagged way behind other developed countries in this respect. Still, simply re-defining the definition might not even remotely begin to solve the problem, because the authorities were obviously involved in a systematic cover-up of those cases, for the sake of not offending the currently dominant Multi-culti agenda. But that may change soon.

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This is what has caused Erdogan's wrath, and has made him file one of hundreds of lawsuits for defamation. It's also what has made Merkel bend over backwards and start persecuting journalists and satirists for the sake of appeasing the new Ottoman sultan, lest he unleash the hordes of refugees upon poor Europe, as has been pointed here the other day. Here's the whole deal:

Yep. That's right. In a typical Facebook-style childish manner, Erdogan has been compared to Gollum. As John Oliver said the other night on his show, this parallel isn't even worth contesting. Because it's a biological fact. Indeed, the resemblance is uncanny.

The one thing more eery than that, is the way presumably open societies like Germany could easily agree to "adapt" and "evolve" on fundamental matters of openness and freedom of speech under the pressure of the circumstances. If anyone believes that by giving some leeway to guys like Erdogan, we'd appease them to a point where they'd somehow decide to stop pushing more and more into the same direction, then we truly do deserve all what's coming for us. And I can tell you what's coming is not pretty.
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"Turkey summoned Germany's ambassador to protest a two-minute song lampooning President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that was broadcast on German television, a diplomatic source told AFP on Tuesday. "We summoned the ambassador last week to communicate our protest about the broadcast that we condemned," the source told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. "We demanded that the broadcast is removed from the air." Source.

Waiddaminnit. Is this newspaper a Turkish one, stationed in Turkey and running by the Turkish laws? We're talking about noble Turkey here, right? You know, that place where Sultan Recep I is calling the shots in all spheres of life, where politicians end up in jail for the mere fact of being the opposition, where journalists are detained and beaten up for criticizing Dear Leader, and where entire newspapers get nationalized on charges of subversive activity and support of terrorism for having an anti-government stance?

You're mistaken, mein Herr. You're in no position to dictate the affairs of free speech in Germany, Europe, or anywhere else. Yet. You can twist arms by blackmailing people and threatening to unleash hordes of refugees upon Europe if Europe doesn't give you whatever cash you demand - but you cannot do THIS. You cannot tell a foreign newspaper to shut up because you didn't like a joke they made about you.

Or can't you? Perhaps, once Turkey gets accepted in the EU and you start calling the shots, you'd be in such a position. I'm sure some folks would rejoice.

I'd like to hear from those folks who never ceased lamenting on Turkey's pariah status and Europe's double standard regarding the Neo Ottoman Empire, and the rejection of its aspirations to be perceived as "European enough" now. Perhaps those folks would be able to explain to me how this behavior on Erdogan's part fits into that narrative. I'm all ears.

Btw, if you thought Erdogan didn't like anything German, you were mistaken. There's one thing he seems to like about Germany: Hitler's form of government. Need I say more?
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How to avoid being spat at, beaten, abused, or gang-raped by foreigners in your own country without being accused of having "looked for it" by "enticing" them, or prosecuted for trying to defend yourself?

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OK, here's a more real story than the previous one. I'm sure there'll be plenty of "shit happens" sort of hand-waving, but still. Let's look at the facts that are known at this point.

About 1000 men, moving in groups of 20-30 around the German city of Cologne on New Year's eve, assaulted, robbed and tried to rape local women who had gathered at the square in front of the central railway station to celebrate the event. This happened in front of the eyes of thousands of people, in the open, and with impunity.

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Bavaria police have received some brand new protective gear that officers will don while managing high-threat security crisis. The uniforms however - particularly the oddly-shaped helmets – have drawn some sarcastic remarks.

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Will Angela Merkel get the Nobel peace prize? That is the question that has been circulating around the German media in the last few days. And the answer will be known on Friday. This suggestion comes from "well informed sources", who firmly put Frau Chancellor in the list of nominees - along with the UN Commissary on the refugees, Pope Francis, and the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. There are rumours that the Norwegian Nobel committee could select Merkel, mostly for her decision to temporarily open the borders for the refugees.

This decision caused a real political earthquake. The German society was divided into two, even Merkel's party is hearing voices in dissent against her leadership. Outside Germany, there is a storm of controversy. Some have seen her gesture as a humane act of generosity from a wealthy country. Others are accusing Merkel that by inviting the refugees she has put the entire European continent under immense pressure, and that is a mistake that should be rectified immediately.

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First, two (not too relevant) pieces of news.

ISIS's 'Mein Kampf': Secret jihadi document discovered in Pakistan blames Israel for the emergence of the Islamist group and calls Barack Obama the 'mule of the Jews'

Trump Kept Hitler’s Speeches by his Bed: Says Only Short Jews Can Count His Money, Not Blacks

No surprises in either case, are there? But that's not the point I'll be making here. See, it's been said that words by themselves do not kill people, but they could incite people, often millions of people to do all sorts of inhumane atrocities against other people. I've often heard the question if Hitler's hateful diatribes are as dangerous now as they used to be at his time. There are opinions either way - after all, we've seen that guys like Breivik were able to become monsters after having spent some time around such websites. On the other hand, a number of historians and scholars consider his magnum opus, Mein Kampf a source of useful info on a particular historical period. All of this is causing quite some controversy between both scientists and politicians. And last year the ministers of justice of the separate German provinces decided to not have all this headache and banned the printing of the book for scholarly purposes.

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At first sight, Silvia, a German friend of mine who co-owns a small textiles equipment workshop in Bavaria, should probably be feeling pretty enthusiastic about the impending trade agreement between the US and the EU, which is meant to enhance the movement of goods and services between the two sides of the Atlantic.

In reality though, she's concerned that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that's now being forged in Brussels and Washington would give way too much power into the hands of the multinational companies at the expense of small businesses like hers. Her biggest concern of all is that the the details of the proposal are being discussed behind closed doors, not without the active participation of a number of large corporations. Her firm is one among thousands of small and mid-size businesses across Germany, which make up about 9/10 of the German exports and are basically the backbone of the most powerful economy in Europe.

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Endless restrictions create narrow-minded people; narrow and restricted in both senses - timid, indecisive, unenterprising, not self-dependent, prone to prejudice, devoid of personal will, enthusiasm and courage for development and self-improvement. That's basically what the columnist for Der Spiegel, Alexander Neubacher argues in his book Totally Restricted. He believes that a free person is a responsible person, who doesn't need the constant tutorship of the state and society, or the terror of political correctness and the maniacal fashionable obsessions - in other words, some'd say he's the German equivalent of an Ayn-Randian. Undoubtedly, a very rare species in Germany.

Yes, he admits, rules and order are important, but common sense should always be their corrective. After all, is it really possible for the ordinary German citizen to know, memorize, understand, and follow all the existing 250K+ instructions and restrictions, supposedly created for their good by the state, the most important of these prescriptions alone occupying 50 linear meters of paper? Not to mention that so many of these prescriptions are ludicrous, absurd, and totally useless.

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You must've heard already - there's a wave of protests going through Germany as we speak, under this new organization PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the West). They're claiming to be peacefully opposed to the Islamization of German society, while their detractors are predictably Godwinning the hell out of them, branding them with all sorts of Nazi epithets. There've also been counter-protests, again in the thousands, which the mainstream media have duly put the emphasis on, while attempting to portray the PEGIDA protesters as some sort of right-wing extremists.

No doubt there are plenty of extremists among them. But I've spoken to people who've been on both sides on the street, and I must tell you the bulk of them are just ordinary people who have their genuine concerns that they believe are valid. They don't want people being gassed in death chambers or detained in concentration camps. They don't want a "holy Crusade" against Muslims. They're just fed up with what they call the "failed multiculturalism model", which Merkel herself (who's now being quick to condemn them) has bashed on more than one occasion in the past.

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] ricomsmith77 at "The Great Walls of Change.........from Bejing to Berlin.....to Brownsville, TX"
Close your eyes.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words, Great Wall?

Of China! Right?

I mean come on, it's a pretty damn big wall......


........looks pretty cool too, doesn't it?
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