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Last Friday offtopic on LJ's version of TP, heh!

Anyway... Here's the latest fad on the Internet. And it takes years to make. Or rather just a minute, plus an old photo of yours with your friends or family...

Five guys take same photo for 30 years

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The Twittersphere is buzzing again! Trump has spoken! And what a word he has invented!

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Interesting way to tell time, no doubt.

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There are like 30 such maps in there, but I especially liked this one.

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This little incident made my day. We've seen all sorts of weird situations interrupting tennis matches, but what happened at the Challenger tournament in Sarasota the other day, was quite lulzworthy. Francis Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were in the middle of a tough encounter, when some noise started coming from a nearby residential building. Turned out a passionate pair were having sex! :)

Some mums in the crowd even had to stuck their kids' ears, lol. And the two players were having a lot of fun. Tiafoe eventually concluded, "It can't be THAT good!" I mean, come on!


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To those among us who are big fans of rock, metal and other sort of heavier music...

Could you share your first memory of the first rock/metal band that you ever heard in your life, and possibly the first song you ever heard from them? Come on, don't be shy, you can confess how old you are! =)

Actually what really hooked you to heavier music?
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He's the ultimate defender! Or goal-keeper. His face can stop any attack. Meet Scott Sterling, the guy with the most precious nose in the world!

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Which GoT house/family/dynasty would you compare to the following countries?

1. USA
2. Russia
3. Japan
4. France
5. Your own (other than the US)
6. Some obscure country of your choosing



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This article about the most common bywords that we South Africans have adopted through the years, has reminded me to ask you guys about the bywords you're used to. Every culture and nation has their own, after all. Names that originally meant specific brands of products have become so commonplace that nowadays they denote the entire segment of products associated with that brand. In most cases, due to market domination of that brand in its relevant segment.

For example, in South Africa, the name Jik is colloquially used as a synonym to bleach, Sunlight for dishwashing liquid, Omo for washing powder, Band-Aid for plaster, Pritt for glue stick, etc. What about your bywords?
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Here's the latest Internet fad that we've got here in BG lately. Some guy by the name of Kristian Kolev joined some friends living abroad, and they figured a way to keep connected with other members of their diaspora and share memories and impressions about the world and their homeland (nostalgia is strong in expats, no doubt). So they started an online meme going by the title "Na mene mi e" (meaning "This kinda feels like").

The idea is to display an iconic picture of a famous city or landmark from around the world, and then make an association with some place or town back in the homeland. The entertaining part is that these places are supposed to have something in common, making them look alike in some respect - but also because the homeland equivalent of the famous original is so obscure to most people around the world, it almost feels like an inside joke between compatriots.

So here are a few examples, and I'd encourage you guys to do a similar comparison between the first world landmark that comes to mind, and a place back home that's likely only familiar to people from your environment.

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Talking of the Beast... I mean, the most evil dark lord the world has ever seen (maybe)... how many points can you score on this test, eh?

A few of these made me pause, I admit. What about you? ;)
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Make it relevant. Something about current events of importance. Just describe how you view a political cartoon you would have loved to author if you could.

My fave one from this week:

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When you dig deep enough in the archives, you could come across some pretty amazing stuff. Like this 1944 video of three ladies who called themselves the Ross Sisters. Their dance begins like nothing extraordinary, but soon you begin to get amazed by their skills... Enjoy!

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We have all heard about Google's awesome work conditions. Hey, there was even this recent piece of news about Google employees quitting because they were being given too much money (what?!)

But I think the most amazing thing about them is the offices they work in. Those places are organised in a way to inspire creativity. The laid-back atmosphere, the innovative designs, everything. How could you not love that? Just look at some examples...

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I say every American should go buy one of these, drive down to the border, and act like a true patriot by building a little mini wall so they can unite the nation in something Great Again. Mexico will pay for the Legos, of course.

Except, it wouldn't have that many colours, since that would be too much support for the LGBT community. =)
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What wouldn't you like to hear while you're lying on the surgery table?

1. Oh shit...
2. Has anyone seen my watch?
3. I shouldn't have had so much wine last night.
4. Dammit, someone has stolen page 47 of the manual!
5. Bring it back, you bad dog!
6. Ehm... He does have kids already, right?
7. Hurry up, the match starts in half an hour.
8. Nurse, fetch me the... that thing, what's its name...
9. All right lads, if this isn't an appendix, when what the hell is it?
10. Fuck those guys from the electricity company!
11. Everyone back off! I've lost my contact lens.
12. Well, folks. Today's surgery should be a good lesson for all of you who consider themselves a great specialist.
13. Wait, I thought this guy was here for gender changing...
14. No matter. The cleaning lady will clean this up later, anyway.
15. You shouldn't have pressed so much. Now we'll need a new table.
16. Ugh! I cut myself.
17. It's easy for you to preach like that - you've already had a near-death experience before.
18. What the fuck? This guy is pregnant!
19. Wow... A liver costs a fortune at the black market, and this one is gonna need two of them!
20. Oopsie-daisy!
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This is about cold, and the Sami people of Lappland.

+10°С The Sami sow flowers.
+5°С The Sami are sunbathing.
+2°C Italian cars stop working.
0°C Fresh water freezes.
-1°C The breath becomes visible. The Sami eat ice-cream and drink beer.
-4°C The cat wants to get under your blanket.
-10°C Perhaps it's time to plan a trip to Africa. The Sami go swimming.
-12°C It's too cold to snow.
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