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If you tune back to 30 years ago, you'd realize how huge the invasion of food into our lives has become today. And I don't mean the substance itself, which we used to put the emphasis on in the past. I'm talking about images of food: recipes, celebs being photographed while cooking or eating food, culinary globe-trotters sharing their gastronomic experiences from around the world, bloggers displaying their fave meals before (and often instead of) consuming them. These days, it seldom happens that a bunch of folks would sit at a table somewhere, and not bring the conversation to food (book talk used to be the fad in the days of yore; but no more).

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If you were waiting for Hillary to connect - to have a moment where she could relate to the voters, where she would seem more like a human and less like a political robot - well, better late than never, right?

Hillary coped with loss with alcohol, junk food, and POSSIBLY xanax

Xanax and alcohol? IF TRUE, this absolutely explains the delayed concession. Maybe whoever wrote this part of her book should've had a bigger hand in campaign decisions. I know, hindsight being what it is and all - still, the public knowing things like this couldn't have made the outcome any worse.

Don't know if I would've gone with wine though - chardonnay... a little too confident - you have to have whiskey on hand for situations like this. Even when you've got a 98.653% chance to win - especially then, actually. It's multipurpose, celebration or sadness - choose your own adventure. Then again, not sure if I'd trust myself with whiskey and a barge full of fireworks...

Xanax - wouldn't be a bad choice. Everyone's a little touchy about opiods right now - probably don't need to go that direction with any possibility of a political career left.

Burgers? I like them, but it could get a little messy - wouldn't you rather lay down or at least recline and watch results come in? I'd settle for some boiled peanuts - they give you something to throw at dipshit advisers whenever a state is lost.

What's your ideal menu for monumental election night defeat, or victory?
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Apparently Chipotle Mexican Grill, the popular fast-food chain, cannot stop their own downfall...

It all started when they decided to occupy the niche of fast, but healthy foods. So they started selling GMO-free products that were fresh, raw, without preservatives, hand-made, bio, organic, etc.

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EU's hypocrisy has come to the fore once more, what with the recent outcry from a number of Central and East European countries against the double standards in many products, and not just food products, that are being sold at one quality in West Europe, while its lesser quality versions are being dumped onto "second-hand", "New" Europe for the same price or even more:

"Bulgaria and Romania have joined an outcry against multinational food companies, accused of selling lower quality products in Eastern Europe compared to those offered in the Western supermarkets."

In a nutshell, the same product, produced by the same company, advertised in the same way and supposedly being produced in the same manner with the same ingredients, has turned out to be quite different in, say, Germany, Austria and France on one side, and Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania on the other.

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Hey, my beloved procrastinators! It's been a while since we had our last installment of ridiculously over-simplified and unbearably polarized hypothetical situations, inspired by the NationStates online game - you know, that place where you're the benevolent ruler of your own fictional state, which you're completely free to shape as you please, based on the stupid choices you make in situations like the below presented. Last time when we delved into the depths of True Democracy(tm), we ended up in a tie between Ms Lovegood, the Education Minister of Insert Country Name, who argued that mandatory parenting classes for the populace were the solution - and Chloe, your incredibly mature teenage niece who just wanted some assistance from babysitters programs. Well, now the issue we're about to discuss is a bit different - it's related to technology and trade.

The Issue

Biotech firm McShanto LLC has developed a new genetically engineered corn, with 200% more “butter” flavor and a guarantee to be free of those stringy bits that get stuck in your teeth. They've also engineered every mature kernel to be sterile, while marketing a special starter seed at premium prices. Angry supporters of small farms are demanding you lend an ear.

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Italian baby kept on vegan diet taken into care after being found malnourished

"A 14-month-old Italian baby, who was reportedly fed a vegan diet, has been removed from his parents after arriving at a Milan hospital seriously malnourished. The baby, whose name has not been released, was taken to hospital by his grandparents a week ago and doctors were shocked to see the poor state of the baby’s health and a body weight only just slightly higher than a newborn. Blood tests revealed the child, who was born in May 2015, was severely malnourished with calcium levels barely adequate to survive. The baby was also suffering from a congenital heart condition which required emergency surgery. He is now recovering in hospital."

In other news, a 32 year old New York man named Frank Broccoli died in his sleep from drowning with his own saliva. The man was a 11th grade vegan, which is considered one of the highest ranks of veganism on the Greenleaf Scale.

His dream was to reach grade 12, where the vegan refuses to consume their own saliva. At daytime, the strict vegan had taught himself to spit all of his saliva because it was of human (i.e. animal) origin, and it contained innocent bacteria which could die in the hostile environment of the human stomach.

The reason for the man's death was drowning, because at night he had taught himself to resist the swallowing reflex. So the saliva built up in his throat and at some point it suffocated him.

Vegans from all over the world can't wait to pay solemn tribute to their brother by eating a cup of corn - gluten-free, of course, because gluten sounds kinda environment-unfriendly.
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Artist Magnus Irvin has been producing a successful line of chocolates in the shape of an anus for about a decade. They’re available in various flavors, from dark to white chocolate. Blech, white chocolate!
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America is bursting at the seams. No major development there. In fact, the U.S. makes up only 5% of the global population but tallies 13% of the world’s obese, the largest percentage for any nation, according to a study from the Lancet medical journal.

The amount of calories Americans eat has jumped since the 1970s, and waistlines have grown accordingly, this research shows.

Here's how the problem looks in charts:

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There was a recent discussion here which touched on the subject of food deprivation. The question was, do we really think we could feed 7 billion people (and counting) without industrial agriculture - or provide them with anything resembling "first world"quality of life without plentiful electricity?

The obvious false dichotomy in that question notwithstanding (industrial agriculture is not necessarily to be automatically presumed detrimental to the environment, or at least certainly not to the extent it currently is; and electricity production does not necessarily have to be as demanding on the environment as it currently is), I would like to reiterate a point about the food question.

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A chain of restaurants called Sweetgarden has made a research on the question, and has come up with a series of photos of the typical school lunch that's being served in various countries around the world. The idea is generally to have healthy food for the kids, which takes into account the food habits of the particular nationalities. Personally, I'd love to have a diverse diet that could maybe include one of these for each day of the month.

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The bread that remains unsold at the grocery, the remains after dinner or the buffet at an all-inclusive hotel - so much of this goes straight to the garbage. The waste of food products has taken staggering proportions. The world actually throws away 1/3 of all its food (40% in the US). And meanwhile...

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The WWF has long been warning about this dangerous tendency. While food shortage in the poor countries is largely caused by ineffective methods of crop picking, storing and transportation, in the wealthy countries the largest loss actually occurs at the end of the line - and the responsibility squarely lands with the consumers. It turns out that 2.6 million Ha of arable land produces food that ultimately goes to the garbage. Furthermore, 48 million tons of extra greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

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Here's a radical idea, and I'm sad to say, I suspect I know how you (collectively and individually) will come down on this idea. But let's put it out there:

The govt (of wherever you live, in the US or...uh...what's the rest of the planet called again? Oh yeah, not America) should provide a means of COMPLETELY FREE FOOD to any human being who wants it.

That's right. Basic food items should be accessible, 100% free, to ALL PEOPLE. Yup. Every single human being should have access to food. Not fancy, foie gras for all, but basic sustainable, HEALTHY food should be something no human being EVER has to worry about.

How will this be paid for, you ask? TAX THE FUCKING RICHEST PEOPLE IN YOUR COUNTRY. Whoever you are, wherever you are, someone in your country most likely has more than you. Those people, out of moral necessity, need to give up some of what they have, so that NOBODY EVER goes hungry. It's un-fucking-fathomable how people can be opposed to something like this, but, oh, I suspect some of you will be.

I don't even think this free food should be means tested. If richie rich wants his free food, he should get it too, same as Poory McPoorson. I do not know how much such a program would cost, but it couldn't be more than a couple of unwanted and unused F-22 fighter jets, or tanks that the military doesn't need more of....and SHIT, even if it did cost a metric fuckton of money (a measurement only our abroad friends will understand, since metric gives us Americans the confusion face) it would be worth it on moral grounds.

The purpose of having money is not to make more money, it's to do something with it. There is very little in this world more basic than food.

I suspect someone will be opposed to this idea. Please, explain to me WHY this would be a bad idea. And if you even begin to go into the economics of it, explain why the war machine is more deserving of funding than a program to ensure hunger is eradicated.
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Forbes Columnnist John Tamny, on the Daily Show: I think food stamps are cruel… I don’t think anyone is happy if they are reliant on somebody else, if they’re taking a handout.

Jessica Williams: Okay, well what about kids being hungry, nobody getting the food that they deserve or need?

Tamny: I think if people were literally starving, you would see a massive outpouring a charity to make up for that fact.

Williams: What does ‘literally starving’ look like?

Tamny: This is going to come off the wrong way, but I guess it’s where literally people have distended bellies, where they’re getting almost nothing. We don’t hear about the poor in this country starving on the streets…

I guess for Mr. Tamny “com(ing) off the wrong way” means, making sights like this come across as a BAD thing:

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The story of the revolutions in North Africa, the Levant and the Arab peninsula looks clear, at least at first sight. Repressive regimes, a lack of equal access to education and perspectives for development leading to desperation - all of this has brought events that look like a delayed echo from the processes of democratisation in Eastern Europe of the 90s. But another remarkable dynamic also deserves attention: the interaction between regional instability, the global grain market and the piling effects of climate change that have affected these continents.

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Whether in popular discussions or in a scientific context, the verdict on the cow is almost always categorical: the cow is a climate killer. You see, during digestion it burps methane every minute, and methane contributes to global warming 25 times more than CO2. That is why cattle, be it in the US, Australia or Europe, is often compared to automobiles in terms of environmental damage. The premise: 250 km down the highway with a small car or 1 kg of beef at the supermarket, it doesn't matter - they both damage the climate in the same way. If we follow that logic, we should be treating cows not too differently from a CO2-vomiting car, and strive to "withdraw the horned villain from the general traffic", so to speak.

And this is exactly what a number of leading experts from FAO, the world organisation on food, are urging for. It seems most relevant scientists and the media have already done their calculation: you see, in order to provide 1 kg of beef, a cow has to eat 8 kg of grain - which is much more than omnivorous animals such as pigs and chickens have to eat to bring the same result. So, should we be eating more chicken legs and pork cutlets rather than beef steaks?

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"Buy land, they're not making it anymore", Mark Twain famously urged his audience. These words have been the motto of the markets for agricultural land for a long time, and they describe the mindset of the active land buyers across the developing world.

During the last decade, agricultural land (mostly across Africa and South-East Asia) roughly equivalent to the territory of Germany (33 million hectares, according to the most conservative estimates) has been purchased by foreign governments and companies. They develop enormous estates for food-growing and biofuel processing, the bulk of that production either returning directly to the original market or being exported on the international markets.

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The organisers of the International Food Festival in Sydney have made some nice arrangements of the flags of the participant countries, featuring the most typical culinary products for each country. So we have olives for Greece, curry for India, tomatoes for Italy, etc.

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(From Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, the TV series that attempts to reform the school lunch programs, help US society fight obesity and change their eating habits in order to live healthier and longer lives):

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"Oh, tomato ketchup? I knew that one!"

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Remember this guy?

I used him recently to give a face to my rant about how cows are not to blame for global warming, no matter what the vegan jihadists claim. I'll accept some criticism from activists bent on reducing or eliminating meat from our human diet; yes, there is a lot of disease being spread in meat and milk, much of it harmful. Head over to the Centers for Disease Control and a list of Escherichia coli outbreaks over the last 5 years alone should give you a reason to pause before biting that burger.

Ah, but here's a question: Lots of us eat the meat brought from the wild during and after hunting season. Deer, elk, moose; it's all pretty darned tasty, and those wild critters are similar to cows. Why do our domestic cows seem to produce more disease-bearing meat than those beasts grazing in the wild? The answer really, really sucks. )
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Many years ago, I heard a tidbit passed as fact that sounded about as full of, well, bullshit as anything I'd heard in my life. Just google "cows as methane sources" and see the citations of this phenomenon pop up. Don't get me wrong; I'm not anti-science, and the scientists who have done these studies need to know that I mean them no harm. Their data is valuable, but only if it is applied in ways that don't get hijacked by philosophical forces on a crusade against the cow itself.

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