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Admit it. Videogames have shaped your generation too. They continue to influence popular culture today of course, but can you tell us which videogames had the most influence on you?

A while ago, Time came out with a comprehensive list of what are probably the most influential videogames of all time. From Mortal Kombat to Super Mario to Sim City, Tetris, Pac Man, etc etc.

Oh, and if you had to be a (human) videogame character, which one would you pick? I'd say Lara Croft.
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Do we really have to start talking about this now? Didn't we just finish up? Don't we need a little bit of a break?

What do you think?


No - it isn't nonsense Friday - this shit is real. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment has tossed his hat into the ring (kind of...).

Not many details at the moment though. He is a registered Republican - but with the incumbent party being Republican, maybe he'll go indy. Will this turn our political process into a circus? If you don't think it is already, it shouldn't be too hard to convince you the answer is no.

Obama may be the best speech-giver to be President, Trump may be the biggest celebrity to be President - but those titles will be short-lived if this works out.

Is there anyone - anyone at all - politician, celebrity, any household name, more well known AND liked than The Rock? Q scores are hard to come by - seems they don't actually release lists - I'm not entirely sure who 'they' even are - but he appears to be near, next to, or even above Tom Hanks and Peyton Manning at times.

Sure, it can't last - he'll have to pick sides on issues, guaranteeing around half the country loses a little respect for him, one issue at a time. If he makes it through the gauntlet - he'll likely drop from 'loved by everyone' to 'OMG literally Hitler', but for the time being - he's one of the frontrunners.
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Modern teens are threatening the future of humankind with extinction, scientists and psychiatrists are warning, since the emergence of the new global mania, the so called fidget-spinners. The reason is that because they've occupied their hands with the little spinning gadgets, their sexual maturing is getting hindered.

A 97% decrease in masturbation rates is being observed among boys and girls 11-16 years of age, according to researchers. And it is the worthless spinning thingies that's the main culprit for that, because they are designed to soothe strained nerves. This, in a world where being a knot of nerves is the new norm, of course.

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When you dig deep enough in the archives, you could come across some pretty amazing stuff. Like this 1944 video of three ladies who called themselves the Ross Sisters. Their dance begins like nothing extraordinary, but soon you begin to get amazed by their skills... Enjoy!

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It's curious how Meryl Streep's speech (a giant in the profession of acting), which mostly dealt with not-so-overtly political issues, as much as it was calling for empathy and civic vigilance in the upcoming Trump era, was massively denounced (because, you see, an actress has dared to speak of something beyond the latest Gucci outfit, the pearl necklaces of the celebrities, Kim's fake ass, or on some rare occasions, the creative process in cinema in the best case)... And Leo DiCaprio (admittedly an underrated actor, but hardly of Mrs Streep's caliber even in the best case estimations) receives emphatic pats on the back and massive admiration merely for making 40 years of age and having assumed the role of some sort of Al Gore v.2.0? Am I the only one to sense double standard here?

The way I'm reading this, because Leo has a penis this gives him much greater leeway; hell, Robert DeNiro had a boorish statement about Trump, and he wasn't scolded even remotely as harshly as Madonna was. In 2003, Sean Penn gave a rambling speech about the fake WMDs at the Oscars, but again no one decided an actor has no right to use that tribune to flount their political biases. But when an actual actress even hints at a political commentary - Vanessa Redgrave for instance - everyone instantly dogpiles her, hastening to point a finger and put her in her place.

Because, you see, Leo DiCaprio who's been waving his beer belly flanked by an entourage of 18 y.o. wannabe starlets, cannot be declared out-of-touch, but Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon and Vanessa Redgrave suddenly live in their "Hollywood bubble" and don't know shit about the problems of the regular Joe from Iowa? Please.

On a side note:
2012 Trump: Meryl Streep is one of my favorite actresses!
2017 Trump: Meryl Streep is one of the most overrated actresses!

Sounds just like,
2012 Trump: The Electoral College is a disaster for democracy!
2017 Trump: I won so big OMG LOL!
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The Simpsons seems to have predicted the Donald's presidency... and it didn't end well: Time travel episode from 2000 featured a broke nation reliant on aid from China. Sounds familiar? Some details:

- The episode called Bart to the Future includes vision of the US in 2030
- Lisa Simpson has just been elected president - to succeed Trump
- The nation's financial ruin due to Trump policies is revealed
- In contrast to his 2016 rhetoric, the US is shown taking handouts from China
- Lisa has to institute massive tax hikes in order to dig America out of its hole
- The Simpsons has 'predicted' world events before, including Ebola, the discovery of the Higgs boson particle and the Arab Spring
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Miss Iceland has quit an international beauty pageant after she was told she had too much fat and broad shoulders. Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir published a hand-written farewell note on her Instagram profile, where she explained why she was withdrawing from the Miss Grand International pageant in Vegas:

Since the pageant is international, the organisers have to be able to appreciate international beauty standards, she argues, while still wishing success to the show.

Arna Ýr has received plenty of support across the social media for speaking out on the issue, arguing that she has done more with her statement than decades of Miss-Whatever has even thought doing for young women.

Not to mention that she is truly gorgeous, looks very healthy, and bold enough to speak her mind (well, she is an Icelander after all). Her comment about international standards of beauty is also true. Just because America worships stick-figure women, that does not mean the rest of the world does, or should.

That said, perhaps it is time that in the 21st century, the whole beauty pageant thing just goes away and dies already. Just like some fashion magazines, they send a bad message to girls around the world - not to mention how outdated they are in their objectification of women.
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NG's fascinatingly funny and amusingly fascinating StarTalk radio show, starring Neil deGrasse Tyson and featuring a pleiad of celebrities, is getting renewed for its 3rd season these days (Sep 19). Now a week earlier, NdGT's companion book StarTalk has already hit the shelves as a compliment to the show.

The new season kicks off next week with Whoopi Goldberg as its lead guest. Other guests further during the season will be astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Mayim Bialik of the Big Bang Theory (where Neil has participated as guest star), string theorist and Neil's fellow science populariser Brian Greene, Ben Stiller, Isaac Hempstead-Wright (playing Bran in the Game of Thrones show), and many more.

Among the scientific topics that NdGT usually discusses in his trademark entertainment way are, is Bigfoot an alien, could Superman survive a black hole, etc.

You can listen to all previous StarTalk episodes here.
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Europe's biggest metal event started yesterday in North Germany. Wacken Open Air will last for 3 days and will feature a pleiad of performers, some of the top rock and metal acts of the modern scene among them.

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"Clinton is candidate for president, they're airing Tarzan in the theatres, and everyone's playing Pokemon. Welcome to 2001". That's the caption below a cartoon that's been circulating the webs lately. And all three of these statements are still valid today, in 2016. Just like 15 years ago, the Pokemons are again the latest fad - this time through Pokemon Go.

Most of us must have noticed by now that some folks tend to wander around, looking into their cellphones while they walk. Not all of them are texting or Facebooking (sic?) Many are actually hunting for pokemons. You know, those fabled creatures - water, fire, electric little thingies that look like foxes, turtles, kittens, little dwaggins or just weird-shaped clouds. They came to life back in the 90s, but the new smartphone version is now re-conquering the world once more. Last month Pokemon Go beat the previous record with 21 million active subscribers daily, and it was installed on 5% of all Android devices in the US just within the first 2 days of its existence. Fierce ink-spilling and spittle-spewing ensue on the matter. The debates are still raging in places as far away apart as Oz, NZ, Asia and the Euros. After this terrific start though, the question arises, is this going to be another huge success, or the umpteenth balloon that is sure to go bust pretty soon?

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On the party that went from Lincoln to Trump:

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On the party of psychedelic fabulousness:

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John Oliver made a splash the other night, when he brought up the problem with the debt-buying industry, namely that it allows hospitals to sue thousands of patients for having the impudence to be both sick and poor. He shined the light on the illegal tactics that debt collectors often use to get paid for debts they often cannot prove anyone owes.

So the goofy Briton decided to stir things up a bit by demonstrating how ridiculously easy it is to set up a debt buying company (he called it CARP, and for a good reason), after which he bought the debt of 9000+ people, plus all their contacts, thus obtaining the legal right to harass them into paying their last dimes to him. But instead of doing what that sleazy industry so much enjoys doing (watch the segment and you will see for yourself), he decided to forgive all that debt - on public, on his show. And that practically became the largest giveaway in the history of television:

John Oliver Curses Out Oprah, Gives Away $15M

Now imagine for a moment if a good number of American billionaires do something similar. John (well, HBO anyway) bought $15 million in debt for $60,000. If even a handful of multi-billionaires buy huge quantities of debt for pennies on the dollar and then just forgive them like John just did, wouldn't that be the best example of the gods of the free market actually doing what's right once, for a change? It would practically cost them nothing to do that, and they could help thousands upon thousands of people. But does that happen? Not likely - although I am always prepared to leave the door ajar for a massive surprise. I for sure have not heard any such thing. Now imagine if Donald Trump did something like this on a regular basis instead of filing lawsuits for any sort of nonsense, maybe people would like him a lot more?
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WARNING! Game of Thrones spoilers ahead! Those who haven't watched S06E05 yet may prefer to skip the following!

This post is sad and full of spoilers )
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I watched the new James Bond movie the other day, Specter. I had never watched any James Bond movies before. And I realized I hadn't missed much. Behind the posh facade, the bling and the chicks, it was just too lame. And I'm now hearing complaints from other people who are better versed in Bond matters that these movies have always been kind of misogynistic, too. Anyway. This is a thread for Bond lovers and haters. Bring it on! What do you like or dislike in the James Bond movies? Or spy movies in more general? (the Borne trilogy, Mission Impossible, even parodies like Austin Powers, etc). My take:

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OK, what's your favorite videogame? Is it a platform? An adventure, or first-person shooter, or real-time strategy, or a fighting game? Or maybe a sports game? Have you played a game series, i.e. several evolving versions of a game (with sequels, etc)? Have you played multiplayer? And what was the longest time you've played a videogame without stopping? What do you like in a videogame, and why?

Have you been playing a particular videogame lately? Which one?
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With the Star Wars episode 391007+ looming, and a whole half a year remaining until the other big screen event resumes (yep, I am talking of Game of Thrones), here is a glimpse of what happens when these two epics attempt to compete.

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Trevor Noah is finally getting into top comedian mode at The Daily Show. This piece may have launched him into orbit. It was insightful, it was funny, and it was spot-on on a number of levels...

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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump may not seem like commander-in-chief material to Americans, but in certain African countries, he fits the bill. :-)
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For those among the public who have been following Jon Stewart's stellar career at the Daily Show, his sudden decision to walk away must have come like a cold shower, especially after Stephen Colbert had already announced his departure as well. The new guy at the Daily Show is a little-known South African comedian named Trevor Noah who has raised a lot of eyebrows lately, his type of humour clearly not resonating too well with what has become the traditional Daily Show audience. Here is a piece on the matter that I found interesting, which tries to examine the reasons why - and also offers some parallels between Noah and Stewart. Including this video of the early Stewart, which the modern-time Stewart might cringe watching.

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All Men Must Laugh.
...So here are a few things only us Game of Thrones fans will find funny. =)

[!Spoilers for those who haven't watched season IV yet]

This frustrating truth...
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Feast your eyes on the four variant covers for ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's forthcoming double issue devoted to GAME OF THRONES. Be sure to collect them all. I know I will...

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