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Some chap drove a van at Muslims. Apparently he was captured alive and intact by some of the Muslim chaps there, and then passed on to the police.

This is the very definition of law-abiding on the part of the Muslim chaps who caught this murderer in the act. Now I'm not suggesting that lots of English people wouldn't do the same, after all, the chap that mudered Jo Cox so foully lived to get his day in court. But right now, when tensions are high, and all sorts of different folks' tempers are flaring over many different sorts of incident, this strikes me as a chink of light in this gloom.

Now, does the panel think that if a similar incident happened in their polity, the perp would be handed over intact to the fuzz? (If that's the '70's word I'm looking for.)

You see, when folk go on about Muslims this and Muslims that, I think of the Muslims I've met. I would say that fundamentalist Muslims, Christians, Hindus, or Jews, are pretty appalling almost without exception. I'm happy to take up rhetorical arms against IS or the Christian extreme right just as much as I would against David Duke or Pat Buchanan, however, most religious folk aren't abortion clinic bombing terrorists or fools bent on a fatuous notion of a glorious suicide which has been sold to them by the religious equivalent of a banker selling shoddy derivatives to the innocent and naive.

But the ordinary chaps hand the murderer over to the police,
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Montenegro's official joining of NATO has prompted threats of "retaliatory action" from Russia. A couple of weeks ago the former Yugoslav republic became the 29th member state. The prime minister Markovic signed the joining protocol with US deputy secretary of state Thomas Shannon. Then Markovic met with president Trump and his VP, Pence. The latter stated that all countries are free to choose their allies without interference from third countries, obviously meaning Russia.

The Kremlin's response was short to follow. They interpreted this move as hostile, and the Russians said they retained their right to take reciprocal measures, which is of course a thinly veiled threat. Their diplomats said in politics, just as in physics, any action is met with a corresponding counter-action.

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