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NASA's Cassini Ends Date With Saturn: Here Are Some Of The Best Images Snapped By This Spacecraft

The grand finale or end journey of Cassini spacecraft is progressing well. In the next few months, the spacecraft will plunge into Saturn's surface.

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Is the only way to stop this sort of thing from affecting the voting population a proper education? The mixing of the real and the fabricated in these releases leaks means that separating the fact from the fiction is hugely time consuming. And then, given the timing of the leak....

Maybe the time has come for Mr Assange to be put in prison like the rapist he appears to be: but the fact that his Wikileaks platform has just become an accessory to destabilising quite a few nation-states' elections means that any prison sentence would be considered political. This may be a shame from the point-of-view of Mr Assange's purported victim, and may be a shame from the point of view of most nation-states going through elections, but may be necessary given the political situation.

However... The rest of us have our opinion. May Mr Assange spend more time with his friends. People like him. (I sometimes picture him in a threesome with The Donald and Uncle Vlad. All happy boys together.) The rest of us can happily turn our backs upon him. I'm sure he will come out from under his rock as and when someone nameless feeds him more disinformation for him to distribute in the hope of destabilising our polities.

After this release it is my opinion that Wikileaks is a busted flush, and a mere propaganda tool for sale to anyone who can get Julian off his rape charge.

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