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Widespread Criticism Follows Saudi Arabia Joining U.N. Women's Rights Group

So one of the most repressive regimes in the world has somehow managed to get a spot in... wait for it... the UN committee on women's rights. Just let this sink in for a few seconds. Saudi Arabia will be supervising women's rights in the world. Oh, and by the way a few years ago they also got a spot in the human rights committee.

I must admit, I would find enormous difficulties to come up with the name of another country that has a WORSE human rights and women's rights record than Saudi Arabia. There might be a couple, but Saudi Arabia is right there, in the top 5. Women don't even have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. Or communicate with males who are not their immediate relatives. Or appear in public places without a male relative. They need a male guardian if they are to travel abroad, or start a job, or get educated. There have been cases where Saudi women were sentenced to lashes for checking their husband's mobile without his permission. In Saudi court, the testimony of a man weighs as much as that of two women, if not more. Recently, the Saudi authorities tried to show more openness, so they organised a conference on women's issues. Except, they forgot to invite any women.

Despite all this, after an anonymous vote, Saudi Arabia was elected one of the 45 members of the committee, with a 4 year term ending in 2022. Other members include countries with a stellar women's rights record like DR Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Iraq, Turkmenistan, et. The decision was made last week uring an economic and social UN summit.


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Even observers of The Shambling Mound are entitled to a break, and that's exactly what I did last week thank you very much. A quick visit to one of the more isolated spots of New Zealand was thoroughly enjoyable although it did seem strangely appropriate to catch the tail-end of a hurricane and undergo a short blackout.

After the previous week's bombshell on Syria the far-right of Lord Dampnut's fan club suddenly deserted him, whereas others adopted a more conspiratorial tone (when the same argument is offered on Breitbart and Global Research you can tell it's time to get the popcorn out), whereas Spicer came out with the amazing Holocaust gaffe concerning Hitler, sensitively conducted on the Passover. With a new found interest in foreign policy, and with a well-known level of diplomatic nous, North Korea became the next target for sabre-ratting.

If one beats the drums of war overseas one may as well do it at home as well, as Jeff Sessions, suggested it would be a good time to re-introduce the 'War of Drugs', something which should delight the new Supreme Court appointee, Neil Gorsuch, who may very well get the opportunity to test all sorts of variations to constitutional amendments.

The following week was back to military endeavours, as Trump follows a time-honoured strategy of using war as a means to acquire popularity with the "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan. "What happened to restraint". the foreign policy analysts painfully asked. Political pundits of course know that whilst peace may be good, chest-thumping can be popular. Sometimes however the hyperbole can get quite ludicrous - such as a slight difference in shipping routes.

As the thirteenth week came to a close, and one takes stock of all the castle intrigues, Napoleonic maneuvers, and extremely high risk behaviour, has anyone noticed what legislation has actually been passed? I thought so.

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