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Scientists, Stop Thinking Explaining Science Will Fix Things

Short version: Spend less time explaining how something works and more time explaining why people should care. (Or perhaps speak more simply so Trump Supporters can understand). ;-)

By the way, this comes timely, as NdGT had a short 4-minute video the other day, which he claims contains the "most important words he has ever said", and is about science in America:


As for the issue at hand )
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Earlier this year, scientists combined human stem cells into cow and pig embryos. The purposes of this endeavor were to grown organs for humans and to find cures. However, these projects pose ethical, health, and safety concerns. Creating chimeras goes against Christian and Jewish laws, particularly about respecting life. Buddhists, to whom cows are sacred, would not want an organ from a bovine. Vegans and vegetarians would not want to internalize anything from an animal. Furthermore, animal DNA could be transferred to the next generation of humans, creating a new race. Additional concerns are: side effects of animal cells in humans; proper treatment of animals; transfers of diseases, antibiotics, or growth hormones to human recipients; and, breeding a monster.
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) plans to investigate this new research field. The results of this investigation may determine whether federal funds will pay for growing human organs in animals. Moreover, an investigation carries the risk of using rationalization to make a controversial practice acceptable. Pres. Trump promised Christians and Jews could exercise their religious beliefs without fear of retribution. Therefore, he must ban this type of research plus the commercial use of hybrid organs in the United States to honor his promises. Also, the United States, as a world leader, must set a precedent banning scientific endeavors that compromise religious beliefs, ethics, and safety.
Another post about other ways of growing human organs is planned.
Source: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/mouse-cells-grown-rats-cure-diabetes-mice.

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