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For centuries, Britain and Spain have quarreled for a rock at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula. After the Brexit, this row has sparked up with new force. We've even heard mentions of the word "war". So how real is this prospect?


Just days after the UK started the Brexit procedure, there's a huge scandal brewing over Gibraltar's future. This British overseas territory, carved off the Spanish coast, will have the full support of the British government, PM Theresa May has vowed. The UK has promised to seek the "best possible scenario" from the Brexit negotiations, and this obviously includes Gibraltar. Since most Gibraltarians voted against the Brexit, this has prompted the EU (mostly Spain) to make bold statements about possible plans of granting a special status to residents of the rock when it comes to EU/UK relations. Which of course was seen as a provocation in London, and drew the predicted hostile reaction. Ms May said Britain wouldn't allow Gibraltar to pass under control from another country, seeing blatant territorial claims from Spain.

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Even when the nuclear state directly suspended the armistice it claimed to adhere to years ago.

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Personally I hope nothing comes of this but with this Administration there is no certainty that it'll be the usual pantomime and same old con artist game on the part of the USA and North Korea alike. And that lack of certainty with not one but two scenarios involving other nuclear states is ah......not the best route by any means.

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