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Here's the latest Internet fad that we've got here in BG lately. Some guy by the name of Kristian Kolev joined some friends living abroad, and they figured a way to keep connected with other members of their diaspora and share memories and impressions about the world and their homeland (nostalgia is strong in expats, no doubt). So they started an online meme going by the title "Na mene mi e" (meaning "This kinda feels like").

The idea is to display an iconic picture of a famous city or landmark from around the world, and then make an association with some place or town back in the homeland. The entertaining part is that these places are supposed to have something in common, making them look alike in some respect - but also because the homeland equivalent of the famous original is so obscure to most people around the world, it almost feels like an inside joke between compatriots.

So here are a few examples, and I'd encourage you guys to do a similar comparison between the first world landmark that comes to mind, and a place back home that's likely only familiar to people from your environment.

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