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Other than Trump looking for distractions and liking to "fire" subordinates more than anything else to judge from his tenure on The Apprentice, it made no sense to fire Yates over refusing to defend Trump's executive order temporarily barring refugees and people from seven majority-Muslim countries - an action that had been challenged in court. Why? Because, that's the job of the Solicitor General. Pending Sessions' approval as AG, Trump had it well within his power to appoint a temporary advocate dedicated to prosecuting his flawed constitutional interpretation of an EO overriding the establishment's clause. But, firing Yates after she had warned the administration about Flynn's possibly traitorous behavior exposing agents in place to certain death at the hands of Putin? That's a coverup on the way to high treason.

Another bad thing about this is that when all the dirt comes fully out, and if Trump is gotten rid of, one way or another, the US is still stuck with Republicans. Especially a Torquemada-like Vice President, an experienced politician who would smoothly push his poisonous agenda. If this were England, you guys could have new elections and finally get the first female president. Or something even better.

On the other hand, even a Torquemada for prez is still better than the Orange Fuhrer with his freakishly small fingers on the nuclear button...

The least among several evils, duh?

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