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The presidential-level Russian-American dialogue may just be in its baby stages as of now, but it's evident that there are tons of false expectations in both societies about it. I'd argue those are way falser in Russia than in America, at least on a layperson's level. Which may not be the case on an elite's level, though. Do bear with me.

See, by skimming through the Russian blogosphere, one could easily get the impression that the majority of Russians seem convinced that Trump would somehow start an almost immediate warming up to Russia, he'd remove the sanctions, and fight alongside Putin in the Middle East. But in reality, Trump doesn't seem to hurry up about it just yet.

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Bannon, obviously.


As declarations of intent go this is pretty telling.

As my mad chum would say, in his rhyming way

Is Bannon
A loose cannon?

So, being the resident TP odds-setter and bookie my questions are:

If there is war, how soon will it take to go nuclear?

Will there be much collateral damage to Europe, apart from nuclear winter, the loss of crops, and the disintegration of the world economy?

And how will Bannon and Trump manage to blame it all on illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers and other folk with pigmentation divergent from Mr Bannon's ideals?
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Kerry and I watched a live broadcast of it from some reporters standing in the midst of the protesters. It was a legit news channel though I forget which one. We heard the helicopters circling overhead, as our little house is only about a mile away from the Berkeley campus.

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Ugh. I tried to stop watching internet news. I've already abandoned Facebook. Every time I lift the lid, nothing but hate comes screaming out. Is this the future of information warfare? Dump toxic waste in the community pool, so the effort of cleaning it out serves as a distraction, and you can move funds and pass laws while backs are turned?

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