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Hi again, dudes & dudettes! Time for our new installment of the monthly topic. The one you guys chose last time was...

The War on Reason

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HELLLooooo everybody!

Remember me?

Just a few months ago, I responded to this:

"Me being an outside observer of all this, I'd rather think in terms of LOLs. Although he *could* be dangerous for the rest of the world as well if he keeps up with this sort of shenanigans, and moves them to a new, presidential level."


"'COULD be dangerous to the rest of the world on a presidential level?' Surely you don't really think there's a question about that."

The response I got?

"I'm not clairvoyant."
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Golly, gee I guess I must be, because, using my amazing telepathic powers, I was able to recognize this man as a far greater danger to both my country and the rest of the world than Hillary Clinton. And it goes even further. Using my ESP, (I concentrate hard and rub my temples and use powers known as "logic" and "historical literacy" and "longterm memory") I know that, if Clinton had been elected, we would NOT be facing the loss of healthcare for over a million Americans, would NOT be seeing not only recent immigrants but greencard holders detained while trying to enter the US, would NOT see the United States abandoning the fight against Climate Change, and would NOT see a looming trade war with Mexico. Or a possible actual war with China, or whatever other country the right-wing troll now directing Trump decides to target.

Spent Sunday at SFO with bunch of other demonstrators blocking a gate. Would much rather have spent that time at home writing. Sitting within sight of a line of helmeted, grimfaced cops bearing clubs is not my idea of fun. Marching in demonstrations on a cold rainy night is not my favorite thing either, but I did it, along with thousands of other Americans, and it looks like a lot of us are going to be busy with that in the foreseeable future. I live in California, after all, with a courageous governor who so far has been defiant. If I were in North Carolina or Louisiana, don't know if I'd have the courage. He and the Republicans are escalating fast. The majority of Americans did not want Trump, and it's showing, so there's talk about passing more laws restricting demonstrations. Given what he's done in the first twelve days, in another year or so, we may not have the option making ourselves heard without risking arrest.

But hey guys, enjoy your popcorn. I'm sure the US having a sociopathic manchild with his finger on the nuclear button isn't going to affect any of YOU.

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