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Those who are hyped up about tonight's Game of Thrones Season VII debut would know what the above reference is about. It's from a story that Tyrion the imp told his brother while being in a cell, about a dim-witted cousin whose only occupation was to crush little beetles with a stone just because he could: "Khu! Khu! Khuuu!" the stone went down, and the poor little beetles would die by the scores.

There was no reason to it, no intention behind it, no purpose. Just like in real life, the strong would crush the weak just because he could.

That's the real magic of this show, it's not so much about the damn dragons and zombies, and not even about the blood and titties. It tells a story of our real world, our real life, in a more fantasy-like way.

And a new portion of blood, tits and intrigues is coming up in the next couple of months or so. And we're of course excited about it. Because each of us can recognise part of themselves in some of the characters, or indeed, in entire segments of the populace of George RR Martin's fantasy world called Westeros. Game of Thrones is the perfect show for the modern age. Its characters have now become part of the public myth, and not just because they're multi-faceted and diverse, their ethics ambiguous and their intentions and rationales recognisable and relatable - it's the entire social, historical and political setting of the series that makes us poise and think about ourselves for a bit.

That, and all the tits of course.

As one CNN article from a few years ago said, "A fire-breathing dragon has never vaporized a senator giving a pompous speech on C-SPAN. No candidate has ever poisoned a rival at his wedding reception, and no "white walker" zombie has ever dragged a screaming climate change skeptic away. Yet anyone who thinks HBO's popular "Game of Thrones" is just about kings and castles misses how much the show reflects contemporary America". It reflects the world, I'd add. Because:

- Only elites can play the game
- It's a man's world
- Political paralysis jeopardizes the future
- A nation lives beyond its means
- Race still matters

And many other reasons.

Anyway. Apart from the most obvious favourites like Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys, whom will you really be rooting for?
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