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Here are a few competing standpoints on that infamous "liberal mosque" in Berlin... First, the context:

"Critical institutions in the Islamic world condemn a new liberal mosque in Berlin. As was announced on Wednesday, the Turkish religious authority Diyanet declared that the Ibn-Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin-Moabit "disregards the principles of our sublime religion". The aim was to "undermine and destroy the Islamic religion"."


There's your liberal Islam - not a snowball's chance in hell. When will the Islamophiles accept that this violent, misogynist (not to mention homophobic) ideology cannot be reformed? They have already been threatened with murder, according to an earlier article in Die Welt. Because, you know, that's normal when you disagree*, that you threaten to kill your opposition. No wait, only savages do that. **

** Because Germans would never fight brutal street battles under a dysfunctional government, and then seize power by corrupt backroom intrigues, and then imprison all opposition activists in concentration camps***, and then.... but I digress.

*** Strangely enough, today it's only Muslims who stab, ax, or blow up unsuspecting civilians in Europe. Guess some peoples are capable of development, and other aren't.

* Because Western governments have never literally blown up entire countries that disagree with them, amirite?

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Date: 10/7/17 14:34 (UTC)
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I guess Ukraine stopped being a part of Europe when Russia invaded it, then, given the Russians and their little helpers are hardly picky about blowing up civilians there or in Syria? And the Yugoslav Wars never happened either, given that Milosevic conducted the largest massacres since the Hitler era in Europe there?

And I may be a bit of a cynic but I don't recall Putin or his regime endorsing Islam to do what they do, I seem to recall they've dragged the hoary ghost of Tsarist theocracy out of the abyss to rationalize things up to and including having their pet dictators in Chechnya putting gays in death camps.

That man wouldn't have power there without Putin, so you can't pin *that* on the Chechens being Muslim.

That said Turkey's also legalizing creationism so they're going full blown USA with a hypocritical warlike religion that reflexively rejects democracy and gleefully delights in causing misery to its enemies.

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Date: 10/7/17 19:09 (UTC)
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Everyone is so hypocritical. Which may have nothing to do with critical. As in, most of them lack, or at least pretend to lack any critical thinking.

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Date: 10/7/17 19:23 (UTC)
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It's said that "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." Sadly most people think being outraged is the point, and the paying attention part is optional.

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Date: 10/7/17 19:47 (UTC)
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...as I'd like to point out that the masjid in Berlin is not alone in the world. As far as I can tell from Facebook, this one in Toronto as detailed by the CBC some months back is still active as well (and another CBC article from three years earlier refers to a branch operating Halifax as well).


As far as Ottawa-Gatineau goes? I don't know yet.

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